‘NCIS’ Fans Wonder Why Gibbs’ Name Was Spotted on a Gravestone

by Victoria Santiago
(Photo by Hannes Magerstaedt/Getty Images)

NCIS fans often find themselves wondering what Easter eggs might show up in an episode. In a recent Reddit post, one fan was wondering why Agent Gibbs’ name was on a gravestone. The scene in question is from an episode that aired in October of 2021. In the episode, we see Gibbs standing at the graves of Kelly and Shannon. However, there’s a marker for him as well. Since then, fans have wondered if Gibbs’ days on the show are coming to an end.

On the NCIS subreddit, u/Fickle-Negotiation76 posted, “Theories as to why Gibbs’ name was on a gravestone?” There wasn’t much speculation in the comments of this specific post, but fans out there are wondering. As for fans on Reddit, many seem to think that the gravestone is just a convenience so that he can be buried with his family when the time comes. (Whether we see that on the show or not.)

“There are a lot of couples who wish to be buried alongside each other,” one Reddit user commented. “In order to make sure there’s still a plot for them they put the partners name alongside their headstone. My parents did the same thing and when my mother died we just updated her year of death. so that someday he can be buried with his family.” Another user agreed, and shared their own personal anecdote. “Lots of couple set up their burial locations prior to death. It gets executed when one of the persons pass away. My father died in 1994 and they set up a marker that included my mother’s name. We updated the death date when she passed in 2021.”

Has Gibbs Had a Gravestone There the Whole Time?

Even if the gravestone isn’t a foreshadowing of an NCIS without Agent Gibbs, fans aren’t too happy about it. The mere prospect of losing Gibbs, one of the last remaining original cast members, was not pleasant. Of course, Outsiders, we now know that the NCIS star was on his way out from the series regardless. That just further solidifies that the gravestone is irrelevant to Mark Harmon’s departure from the show. The gravestone with Gibbs’ name on it has been present since at least Season 15.

Even though losing Mark Harmon was devastating for the fans, NCIS still had a large number of viewers. At the end of last year, the show had 11.43 million viewers. In fact, the show was even called TV’s most-watched entertainment program. That’s including Yellowstone, which we all know is a big hit. However, ratings for NCIS didn’t look nearly as good as the viewership numbers did. The show received a rating of 1.0, which isn’t horrible. One of the top-rated shows only has a rating of 1.4, so NCIS isn’t terribly off the mark. It’s understandable that the show rating would lower a little bit after the departure of Agent Gibbs.