‘NCIS’ Fans Wonder What’s Keeping the New Season Going Without Gibbs

by Jonathan Howard

It has been quite a while since Gibbs left the NCIS team and that has fans wondering what keeps them coming back to the show each week?

NCIS has been on TV for a long time. There isn’t any other way to call the run they have had besides, amazing. Most of that was driven by characters of the past. There are fans that have stopped watching and others that have returned after taking a break.

A recent Reddit poster asked themselves and the fanbase at large, why do we keep watching? There were a lot of great answers. “Why am I still watching the new season?” the post said. “Is it because I’m in love with the idea of the show making a comeback and being half as decent as previous seasons? Do I miss Gibbs, Tony, Ziva, Ducky, and Bishop? Or am I just absolutely bored at 5 AM? You decide.”

One thing that I noticed from the replies, this new season is doing a lot to breathe new life into the show. NCIS needs a strong leader who is there all the time. It also needs a cast that is dynamic and evolving within themselves. That was missing from recent seasons.

Here is how one reply put it: “It [last season] wasn’t the same show it ‘used to be’ and the whole Gibbs suspended story dragged on like a mortally wounded cat. People have been complaining about Bishop being turned into Ziva 2.0 instead of the brainiac she started out as. Now there are new stories and new characters. And something to look forward to.”

So, where do you stand Outsiders? Is NCIS in better hands this season with Gary Cole at the helm with a supporting cast?

Other ‘NCIS’ Fans Think Show Is On Its Last Leg

It seems that in recent days that NCIS fans have just not been feeling great about the show. Even with fans adjusting to Alden Parker and putting Gibbs in the back of their minds. Perhaps for those that have been watching since Season 1, there has been too much change. After all, McGee is pretty much all that remains of the original series.

One user on Reddit talked about watching every episode. Learning to love all of the seasons for what they are and getting excited about each episode. However, this season is not what others were. To them, “This season feels like a brand new show.”

So, there seem to be two sides to the NCIS fanbase. Those that have adjusted to the new lineup and are happy with it. Then there are those that have not adjusted. I wouldn’t bet money on this being the last season of the show. Also, feeling like a brand new show might not be a bad thing. It could put energy into a new set of fans that weren’t interested before and keep veteran viewers hooked for what is to come.