‘NCIS’: Full Recap of Season 19, Episode 11

by Lauren Boisvert
Photo: Cliff Lipson/CBS ©2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Monday night’s episode of “NCIS” featured Black-Ops guys, Parker sending emojis, and the “Star Trek” theme. Just another day for the NCIS.

It all starts when a research vessel is intercepted by two members of a Black-Ops team and a dead body. Vance sends the team to investigate, and they board the plane by helicopter. Once they’re on board the Stargazer (a cheeky “Star Trek: the Next Generation” reference which gets the conversation going back home), the team is set upon by the supposed Black-Ops soldiers.

The team scurries below decks to safety, and Knight and Torres set off on their own looking for the missing crew. They find a security guard instead, and then all three are promptly kidnapped and beaten for the location of the rest of the NCIS team. It turns out, all they want are the keys to the helicopter, as Knight finds out (they also rip up the paper doll she was taking around as a class project for her niece. Now paper Pauline will never get to see a real firefight).

Parker, meanwhile, sets up a buoy to extend his cell antenna past the jammers the Black-Ops guys set up. He sends some emojis as clues, like a secret code, and then crawls through the vents to find Knight and Torres. Parker reassures them that his plan is “coming together in baby steps,” and then leaves.

To Boldly Go Where No NCIS Agent Has Gone Before

Back at NCIS headquarters, Vance suggests McGee work with the “tech trolls” to figure out what the Black-Ops guys are doing in the first place. Turns out, they’re not on any sort of secret mission. Why are they doing this, then?

Meanwhile, McGee interprets Parker’s sun, wine, and ship emojis; “the sun is on the port side of the ship.” Well done, all around. Kasie then locates the missing ship through weather satellites. The satellite shows the helicopter taking off with Parker stowed away in the back. Apparently, these guys weren’t even Black-Ops, just some contractors-turned-thieves-and-murderers.

What Parker does next is totally brilliant, in my opinion. When the helicopter lands in a storage facility for stolen military goods, Parker plays the original “Star Trek” theme over the International Distress Frequency. McGee recognizes it as Parker, because they’d discussed that Parker was a fan of the original “Star Trek”. It’s all coming together now.

Parker grabs a grenade and confronts the leader of the group, although the grenade isn’t going to blow. He’s bluffing them, but they don’t know that. Thankfully, NCIS arrives before they test him. Later, Vance scolds Parker for taking so many risks, and Parker finally calls the team his team.

All in all, this was a surprisingly lighthearted episode, as much as it focused on espionage and murder and the stealing of military equipment. There were great moments with the team, as Parker learns to accept and love them as his own. Plus, they tape Pauline the Paper Doll back together and pose for a group photo!