‘NCIS’: Is Gary Cole’s Alden Parker Going to Arrest Gibbs on Next Week’s Episode?

by Megan Molseed

Some big things are happening at NCIS this season.

And, it looks like Leroy Jethro Gibbs (Mark Harmon) is going to be answering some big questions, as well as facing some consequences while he goes toe-to-toe with one of the show’s newest players, Alden Parker.

Recently released teasers for the Monday, October 11 NCIS episode titled “Great Wide Open” suggest that Gibbs is on the run while Parker (Gary Cole) is hot on his trail, primed for an arrest.

The twenty-second long video teaser which was dropped earlier this week shows Gibbs on the move.

Touching base with some of his agents; and seeking the help of connections he’s made during his time as the NCIS team leader. The suspended agent is hot on the trail of a killer.

All while Cole is seeking him in relation to an arrest warrant.

“I’ll be fine,” Gibbs says to NCIS agent Nick Torres (Wilmer Valderrama) in the recent clip.

“I know you will,” Torres responds.

Gibbs Escapes Parker’s Grasp

The intense NCIS teaser clip begins with Gary Cole’s agent Alden Parker entering Gibbs’s home. Declaring they have an arrest warrant.

As we know at this point, Gibbs has been getting himself into some hot water in pursuit of a killer. Gibbs was even suspended from the team due to things that occurred in NCIS’s eighteenth season.

As the teaser begins we see Gibbs leaving his house packed up, ready to head out on a trip. This scene is among others of Alden Parker and his FBI team raiding Gibbs’s home, seeking the suspended NCIS agent for arrest.

“Gibbs has managed to avoid paying the price for his actions,” we hear an FBI officer say in a voice-over. “That ends today.”

By the time Parker and his team enter Gibbs’s home, however, it is too late.

Gibbs is on his way to Alaska with NCIS agent Timothy McGee to gather more evidence on the Sonova Industirs and leads they had recently received.

Of course, Gibbs can’t leave completely without first touching base with NCIS Director Leon Vance.

In the teaser clip, we see Gibbs and the director together in a diner. Things don’t seem to be going too smooth as Gibbs stands up and drops a cell phone into a full cup of coffee. All with a smile on his face.

Fans Are Unsure Of Gibbs’s Remaining Time At ‘NCIS’

In the early synopsis of the show, fans did learn that Gibbs and McGee were headed to Alaska in an effort to uncover more about the Sonova company. It seems this company is behind a string of recent murders and clues have led the detectives north to Alaska.

What does this mean for Gibbs’s future at the NCIS, and Mark Harmon’s future on the show.

Since the end of NCIS’s eighteenth season, fans have learned that Gibbs will not be featured in much of this new season. So, every move the suspended NCIS officer makes may be a clue. Telling fans something about will come of Gibbs’s time with his longtime team.