‘NCIS’: Gibbs’ Legacy Will ‘Never Be Forgotten’ in Heartwarming Clip

by Jonathan Howard

No matter how much longer NCIS is on TV with or without Gibbs, it is clear that the character’s legacy is going to always be a part of the show.

In a clip from last night’s brand new episode of NCIS, there was a heartwarming moment between Director Vance (Rocky Carroll), Timothy McGee (Sean Murray), and Dr. Jimmy Palmer (Brian Dietzen). Although the former team leader is gone, it is clear that Gibbs is going to be popping up every now and again.

That could mean in person, or like in last night’s episode. While we didn’t see Mark Harmon on screen, his character’s presence was felt. Carroll directed the episode but was also featured as Director Vance. There were two deposits, each for $10,000 made to McGee and Jimmy’s accounts. They both knew something strange was happening.

While the NCIS team members thought they were in trouble, it was the opposite. Both had been given the money justly. In fact, it was from Gibbs himself. Check out the clip below.

“A legacy that’ll never be forgotten,” the post caption read.

That’s right. Both McGee and Dr. Palmer were given college scholarship money for their kids. This is something that the former team leader has done for a while now. The Leroy Jethro Gibbs College Scholarship Fund. The two recipients also found out that Director Vance was also part of the “Club.” All in the name of Gibbs’ deceased daughter Kelly.

Also, did y’all catch that sly little exchange near the end? Dr. Palmer says to Vance that he wishes, “that I could thank him in person.” Then, the NCIS Director replies, “Well, hopefully one day you will.”

Fans loved this moment from last night’s episode.

Fan Reactions to ‘NCIS’ Gibbs Scholarship Scene

Last night was a lot for fans. They finally got to see the return of their favorite show. Then, we had this emotional scholarship moment. It had fans losing it in the replies. It is clear why the show remains the most-watched on CBS.

“This,” @selly1302 replied. “This is why NCIS will always be family. [And] the fact that Kelly still pops up in season 19 is wonderful. [But yeah] he [gave] some money to Tiva too for Tali.”

They weren’t the only ones that were excited. Others were quick to point out the fact that Gibbs could come back. Just based on the words between Palmer and Vance. That has been the biggest hat tip that the writers have given since Gibbs left.

“OMG,” @mnac1004 said. “Gibbs always taking care of his team love that [man]. Miss you come back soon.”

Who knows. It could be sooner rather than later for the return of Gibbs to NCIS.