‘NCIS’ Gives Behind-Scenes Look at Series Star Rocky Carroll Directing Monday’s Episode

by Maggie Schneider

“NCIS” is sharing with fans some behind-the-scenes pictures of Rocky Carroll in the director’s chair. Tune into Monday’s new episode!

“NCIS” is gearing up for a new episode this Monday night. Fans are excited for the show’s return, as well as Rocky Carroll’s return to the director’s chair. The actor is credited as the director of Monday’s episode. This marks his 18th time calling the shots offscreen.

The Instagram slideshow shows the “NCIS” actor working hard on set. Carroll is seen communicating with actors and crew alike.

Viewers cannot wait to watch Carroll’s direction. Some fans say that they look forward to his episodes the most.

“The episodes he’s directing are the best,” one fan writes.

“He does a great job in both responsibilities!” another adds.

Directing ‘NCIS’ Is Difficult

Although this is Carroll’s 18th time as director, he still considers himself a beginner. In a 2018 interview, he discusses why the role is difficult.

“I am still in the embryonic stages of being a television director,” he says. “But each time I do it, I learn a little more. It is really difficult because I want to focus all my energy on one side of the camera or the other, so I still am learning how to split that focus and conserve enough energy so I don’t feel like one side is sacrificing for the other.”

Carroll does not want to spread himself too thin. He also wants both his acting and direction to be strong. Sometimes it can feel like a conflict of interest.

“Right now what I feel is: Is my directing going to suffer because I am on the other side of the camera and vice versa? I am sure there are other actors who direct that also feel that same conflict. I don’t feel as if I have enough of these under my belt to spend a lot of time in front of the camera when I direct.”

When he feels more comfortable, Carroll hopes to direct other shows.

“What would be great is going onto other shows, I am not in the cast so I only have to stay on one side of the camera,” he says.

Carroll Admires ‘NCIS’ Writers

With now 19 seasons under the show’s belt, the “NCIS” writers continue to write thought-provoking storylines. This is no small feat to Rocky Carroll. He believes that the addition of new characters has allowed the show to continue evolving.

“I admire our writing staff and producers who come up with new ideas after so many years. Having new characters with a new energy and a new dynamic gives us all something else to work with. I think it is a welcome change.”