‘NCIS’ Goes a Couple Rounds in the Ring in Latest Trailer

by Lauren Boisvert
Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS ©2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Nick Torres may be getting in over his head in the next “NCIS” episode. It looks like he’s gotten himself into an underground fight club or MMA ring. In a promo for the episode, McGee is concerned, Knight gives Torres a talking to, and the team has a dead body with a missing eye.

But, what’s most important, is why Torres is getting in involved with self-destructive behaviors. He’s gone through a lot of loss lately, with Bishop leaving to go undercover, and then Gibbs retiring to Alaska. But it seems like if he was going to beat himself up about it, he would have done it a lot sooner after those things happened. It’s been months now, but it’s possible that he was burying everything inside. He could have reached his breaking point now.

I suspect Torres’ fighting has something to do with the murder. He’s probably not directly tied to it, but someone in his fight club is. In a scene from the trailer, it almost seems like the team uses Torres as their ticket inside the fight club. McGee is talking to Parker through an earpiece in another scene; Parker says, “Do we have a problem?” and McGee replies, “What do you think?”

So, obviously something is bound to go wrong here. Maybe it’s not undercover work, and McGee is trailing Torres to find out what’s wrong with him. Either way, it looks like this “NCIS” episode is going to be a deep dive into Torres’ psyche. We’re going to check up on his mental state; probably have a heart to heart about how he’s been feeling. From the looks of things, not great.

‘NCIS’: Could Michael Weatherly Be Returning After ‘Bull’?

With the news that the Michael Weatherly-led “Bull” is coming to an end after 6 seasons, fans are left wondering if he’s going to reprise his role as Tony DiNozzo.

Weatherly played DiNozzo for 13 seasons, before leaving to star on “Bull.” On “NCIS,” Tony left to take care of his and Ziva’s daughter in Paris. Ziva eventually joined them, after it was revealed that she faked her death.

While he’s been doing “Bull,” Weatherly hasn’t made any appearances on “NCIS.” Whether that’s because of his schedule, or because the writers had no plans of bringing his character back is unknown. But, within the past few months, Weatherly has been getting nostalgic for his “NCIS” days. Could this spell reprisal? Or is it just a former cast member getting wistful for his old show?

Now that his schedule has opened up, we’ll have to wait and see if that means a guest spot on “NCIS.” Until then, we’ll have to keep a look-out for Weatherly in any other productions.