‘NCIS: Hawai‘i’: Real Special Agent in Charge Loves the Teamwork Portrayed on the Show

by Chase Thomas
(Photo by Desiree Navarro/Getty Images)

Part of what makes NCIS: Hawai’i and all of its other iterations so successful is the realism involved in each episode. It works. The showrunners and the actors do their homework. On what it’s like for the real NCIS officers, and it’s no different for the folks in Hawai’i. Norman Dominesey, a real-life NCIS special agent in charge loves the teamwork portrayed on the show.

He said, “I love the teamwork I see displayed on the show.” This teamwork is critical not just on the television, but also in the real world, it seems. This is something that Dominesey specifically pointed out about the show.

He continued, “It’s what we see in our field office and throughout our organization. Law enforcement is a profession where teamwork is critical. We’re all on the same team working on the same goals, which is to protect those who can’t protect themselves or to be a voice for a victim who can no longer speak.

Teamwork matters in a major way here.

He continues, “NCIS is a place where your peers … do everything in their power to help one another without you needing to ask them for help — and that’s similar to what I see on the show.” It’s not even just about the teamwork aspect for the real-life NCIS team. It goes further than that. This is about stepping up for your team before anyone needs to ask. It is always being a step ahead of everything.

More Than ‘NCIS’ Teamwork

He continued, “Most of us, especially at this office, feel a deep connection to NCIS Hawai‘i because we had the opportunity to meet on several occasions with its creators, writers, directors, actors and members of the production team, and their professionalism really stood out.” The showrunners and team work with the real-life NCIS folks in the area to make sure they got it right. The respect was obviously there, but more importantly, it was there on both sides.

The real-life agent said, “They were all genuinely interested in getting to know us at NCIS at our Hawai‘i Field Office, and it was also very important to them to be respectful and honor not only our organization but also the Navy and Marine Corps, in addition to all of the military members they represent on the screen.”

This is important not just for the cast and the showrunners but for the real-life agents as well. He concluded, “Seeing a television show based on your real-life job is pretty incredible. I am a little worried that Special Agent Tennant might be taking my job one day.” Having a CBS drama put together a show based on your job has to be pretty strange. Although the cast does get it right which you love to see. NCIS: Hawai’i takes place on CBS. It stars Vanessa Lachey.