‘NCIS: Hawai’i’ Star Vanessa Lachey Celebrates Her Husband in New Photo

by Anna Dunn

NCIS: Hawai’i actress Vanessa Lachey celebrates her husband in an adorable new Instagram post. The actress plays Jane Tennant on the new spinoff series and moved to Hawai’i with her whole family in order to be on the show.

Her husband, Nick Lachey, is also an actor and in the entertainment industry and he’s been incredibly supportive of her new job on NCIS: Hawai’i. Of course, living there couldn’t hurt. In the new photo, she celebrates him as her “mcm” or “man crush Monday.”

“#mcm Thank You for putting up with my crazy! Love YOU!!!

Vanessa Lachey seems to be doing incredibly well since joining NCIS: Hawai’i. The show has managed some pretty solid ratings for being its first year, and while there’s no word on renewal yet, CBS did happily order a full season.

Fans of NCIS weren’t sure at first when they heard Lachey got the lead role. She’s known primarily for her comedic work and hosting reality TV shows, so when she was cast as the lead in a drama, fans were hesitant. But a lot of that hesitancy quickly went away when they saw her portrayal of Jane Tennant. It’s hard to imagine anyone else in the role.

One of Lachey’s ‘NCIS: Hawai’i’ Co-Stars Says She is Incredible On Set

And it seems like Lachey’s Co-stars wouldn’t want anyone else in the role either. One of Lachey’s co-stars, Tori Anderson, who plays DIA Agent Kate Whistler, recently spoke to Looper about how important of a presence Lachey is on set.

As the lead on a series, Lachey has a certain amount of power. Anderson discussed how a lead can really set the tone on set. And Lachey couldn’t have set a better one for NCIS: Hawai’i.

“She is probably the most generous, professional, kind Number One I’ve ever worked with in my life. Working with her has been the highlight of my career. I’m constantly learning that you can come to work and be professional and kind — she leads with kindness and grace,” Anderson said. “She just makes it a really fun experience.”

Anderson also noted that her favorite scenes to shoot are the ones where the cast is altogether. Even though they often have to cut due to laughter and other antics, she loves the closeness and teamwork that comes with those scenes. And it’s thanks to Vanessa Lachey setting the tone that makes scenes like that so fun for her.

The show is taking a bit of a break and won’t air an episode next week, but don’t worry. It’ll be right back after that with more.

NCIS: Hawai’i airs on Mondays after NCIS at 10/9 central. If you want to watch NCIS as well, tune in the hour before.