‘NCIS: Hawai’i’ Star Vanessa Lachey Teases a Romance-Heavy Moment in New Episode

by Suzanne Halliburton
Karen Neal/CBS

NCIS: Hawai’i is going to give fans a glimpse Monday night at what it looks like when a female special agent in charge adds a dash of love to her already super stressful life.

Vanessa Lachey, who portrays Jane Tennant, gave an NCIS: Hawai’i preview while on The Talk. And yes, Tennant’s romantic life was a buzzy topic.

Co-host Amanda Kloots asked Lachey whether there would be a love connection between Jane and handsome Captain Joe Milius played by Enver Gjokaj. The answer is a gushy yes.

“Um, well, the beauty of the NCIS franchise is they want to evolve it,” Lachey said of NCIS: Hawai’i. “They want to include the personal stories and the lives of our agents and what makes us tick. My character, Jane Tennant, ultimately is a single mom. She’s divorced and you know, still wants to go out and have a drink with the cute guy and have conversation.

Lachey said of her character: “I still get upset when I don’t know how I’m parenting my kids. I’m insecure at what choices I make at work, so they let us dive into that.”

So what about that date? “Yes, this is the first time, sooner than I thought, that both (husband) Nick (Lachey) and I thought that they give my character a little love connection. I thought maybe the finale, but maybe tonight.”

CBS Did Mention Date in Its NCIS: Hawai’i Preview. But Will There Be Romance?

CBS did acknowledge in its NCIS: Hawai’i synopsis that there would be some romance, or at least an attempt. Writers called the episode Legacy. And here’s the plot: “When an anti-capitalist protestor is murdered, Jane and the team investigate and find themselves caught in a war between eco-activists and a tech billionaire fighting over a piece of land. Also, Jane and Captain Joe (Enver Gjokaj) go on a date.”

Milius is a recurring character, but it shouldn’t be a shock that Tennant is going out with him. NCIS: Hawai’i introduced him, along with the rest of the cast, in the show’s pilot. And yes, there was chemistry between the two characters, although there also was a lot of tension. Tennant and her agents were investigating the death of a Navy test pilot, whose plane crashed into a cliff.

The pilot had drugs in his system, so an easy out would be to say he crashed the plane because he was intoxicated. But before his death, he tried to get in touch with the NCIS: Hawai’i agents. Turns out, women were working as spies, dating men close to the super secret military projects in order to get information for other countries.

Tennant and her agents solved the case. Then she went to the base at Pearl Harbor to pay her respects to the pilot as an honor guard transferred his body to a flight home for burial. That’s when she and Milius’ relationship turned more cordial. Stay tuned to see if the date is a bust or a true love connection.