‘NCIS: Hawai’i’ Teases a ‘Sticky Situation’ for Lucy During Monday’s Episode

by Victoria Santiago
(Photo by Paul Archuleta/Getty Images)

NCIS: Hawai’i fans are once again wondering what Lucy Tara has gotten herself into. Is the junior field agent in trouble? We’ll just have to wait and see. The next episode airs Monday, January 17th.

The show’s official Twitter account teased fans by sharing a capture from the episode.”What sticky situation has Lucy got herself into this time? Find out on an all-new #NCISHawaii, Monday.” Lucy doesn’t look too thrilled.

Lucy is no stranger to plotlines that are hard to navigate. For example, pretty much her entire relationship with Kate has been rough. Since the beginning of the show, we’ve seen the couple argue and just straight up go hot-and-cold. Add in how stressful their jobs are, and you’ve got a perfect recipe for tension and arguments. It wouldn’t really surprise anyone if that was the case again. It’s always entertaining and engaging, though.

Will Lucy and Kate’s Relationship Always Be a Bumpy Ride?

Tori Anderson, who plays Kate, recently talked about the couple’s relationship. According to her, Kate and Lucy are different. It’s exciting, but it also means that their relationship can be difficult and tumultuous. “They have quite a tumultuous relationship, and that’s what I love about the writing of these two people,” Anderson said. “They both come from such different backgrounds, and how they approach a relationship is so different, but I do think they are willing to learn from each other. Their communication could use a little bit of work at times, but they’re learning. They’re trying to sort of figure each other out.”

The couple has grown a lot since the beginning of the show, especially considering their relationship started out casual. Just because they grew into something more doesn’t mean that it works all of the time, though. Both Lucy and Kate have a lot going on in their own ways, and their energy often clashes. Isn’t that the perfect relationship cliche, though? A fun-loving, goofy person and a serious, down-to-earth grump? They’ve got that dynamic down pat.

Currently, the leading ladies are trying to decide what to do about work. They can’t quite seem to agree on how open to be with their coworkers – if at all. They both feel comfortable with different amounts of publicity. “Obviously, Kate is struggling with having a relationship in the work environment, whereas Lucy is much more open to that,” Anderson hinted. We can definitely see how they would each feel that way. “But there’s a bit of softening to Kate. Lucy brings out this beautiful side of Kate that she’s starting to embrace. It’s a bit of a bumpy journey, and there are going to be ups and downs. I’ll just say that.”

The two fan favorites have had a storied history – it’s even hinted that they tried to make it work before the current relationship they’re in.