‘NCIS: Hawai’i’ Star Vanessa Lachey Shares Adorable Video of Kids as She Talks Family Tradition

by Courtney Blackann

Vanessa Lachey of “NCIS: Hawai’i'” has been super open about her family’s move to Hawaii and the pros and cons of the move. She got a chance to be a part of the series spinoff and jumped at the opportunity – so long as husband and singer Nick Lachey was onboard. The two have been incredibly supportive of each other, especially with their three children. The star recently shared a very sweet post about family traditions that will have you completely obsessed.

in a post on Instagram, the actress shared a family tradition that keeps her going throughout the holidays. And that’s decorating for Christmas with her kids the day after Thanksgiving.

“Season Of Love! From Thanksgiving…right into Christmas. The first tradition we started as a family was decorating for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving! When do you decorate? #LifeFromScratchBook,” Lachey captioned the photo.

In the video post, Lachey’s three children are adorably swinging on the porch of their Hawaii home. They all look completely relaxed and content, heading into the holidays.

“NCIS: Hawai’i'” Vanessa Lachey’s Husband Super Supportive

When Vanessa Lachey had an opportunity to take on a starring role in “NCIS: Hawai’i'” she was incredibly excited about it. But she wanted to make sure that her husband Nick Lachey was onboard. The singer had no issues supporting his wife and wanted to give her the opportunity to explore the acting role.

“It’s an incredible honor for her. She’s embraced the responsibility of what that means to take on that kind of a role and she’s loving it. [She] worked [her] entire career for this moment. This is her moment, which is why we’re all here to embrace this opportunity with her and to see what she’s doing and see how she prepares for this day in and day out, how much she cares about her cast mates and crew and the way she takes care of them. She’s an incredible person and this is her time to shine. It’s very cool to be on the sidelines watching that happen,” he said during an interview with ET.

He further added:

“You wake up to this every day. You look out the window and see this and surfers and waves and sunrise. It’s paradise. You worry about your kids, and they just hit the ground running. They love it here, they love their school, they love their new friends. When you look at the whole thing, it couldn’t have gone much smoother than it’s gone,” Lachey said.

Since moving to Hawaii, the couple has said their kids have fully adapted to beach life and living on island time. They’re not at all upset by the move and look forward to a future on the islands.