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‘NCIS’: Hawai’i: Vanessa Lachey Opens Up About Why She’d ‘Welcome’ Her Birth Mother in Her Life

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images)

In a recent interview, NCIS’: Hawai’i star Vanessa Lachey opened up about being abandoned by her birth mother, Helen Bondoc. And she admitted that the door is open if Bondoc decided to come back into her life.

When Vanessa Lachey was only nine years old, her mother, Helen Bondoc, dropped her and her siblings off with their stepmother one day. But Bondoc told the children that she’d be back. And she stayed true to her word by visiting them a handful of times over the course of several weeks. But eventually, Bondoc stopped showing up.

Over the course of a decade, Vanessa only saw her birth mother twice more. Then, Bondoc disappeared for good—and the pain of the abandonment wore heavy on the actress for years to come.

But the 41-year-old star told People that she learned that anger is a useless emotion. So if Bondoc wanted, Vanessa Lachey would welcome her back into her life, despite the trauma she caused.

“I would want to hear her story,” she shared during an exclusive interview. “It doesn’t pay off to be bitter and hold grudges. .. Life to too short.”

The NCIS’: Hawai’i actress has worked hard to find peace in her life. And she knows too well that carrying a grudge doesn’t lead to happiness.

“It’s not healthy or healing or even fun to carry around all that bitterness,” Vanessa admitted. “So I’ve just learned to be more aware of my emotions.”

It wouldn’t be easy to see Bondoc after all these years, though. Vanessa knows that the reunion would “stir up” a lot of negative feelings. And she’d rely on her husband to help her sort through the pain.

“Nick and I would have lots and lots and lots of conversations. And he would probably know to be on high alert if she were to come back into my life. But that being said, how could I say ‘no’ to somebody who wants to say ‘hello?'”

‘NCIS: Hawai’i’ Star Vanessa Lachey Reveals What She Loves About ‘Immense Opportunity’ to Play Jane Tennant

Vanessa Lachey broke the mold when she landed the lead in NCIS: Hawai’i. And playing the part is “beyond a dream come true.”

Vanessa’s Jane Tennant is the first woman to ever lead a series in the NCIS franchise. And in an interview with People, the proud actress admitted that the job is “such an immense opportunity” that she looks forward to every day.

“What I love about this role and this opportunity is that it’s finally shining a light on what’s been going on all along. And that’s that women are in high positions. Multicultural women are in high positions,” she shared.

“It’s amazing that finally, they are putting that on mainstream television. And people get to watch it and see that we are just like everyone else. We can put our shoes on the same way and our pants on the same way. And if I can say, we kick some ass the same way.”

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