‘NCIS: Hawai’i’ Welcomes ‘Supernatural’ Fan-Favorite as Guest Star in Upcoming Episode

by Jacklyn Krol

NCIS: Hawai’i will be welcoming a famous new face to the show next episode.

Supernatural alum Rob Benedict will guest star in the upcoming episode this week. He previously portrayed God in the hit fantasy series. The episode entitled “Legacy” will air on Monday, November 29. The official episode description reads:

“When an anti-capitalist protestor is murdered, Jane and the team investigate and find themselves caught in a war between eco-activists and a tech billionaire fighting over a piece of land. Also, Jane and Captain Joe (Enver Gjokaj) go on a date.”

NCIS: Hawai’i is currently on its mid-season hiatus and was picked up through a series order earlier this year.

You’ll recall that the last episode before the break was called “Rescuers”. It followed the murder of Navy Petty Officer Dave Andrews. The team discovered that his body was dumped at the beach and that he wasn’t killed there. They investigated his girlfriend which led to a shocking surprise. They went to her house only to discover a room filled of pink teddy bears. Music was heard despite her not being home they discovered that it was the site of his murder.

They knew she wasn’t telling them something. After doing a background check, they realized she wasn’t online for seven years. Meanwhile, Moore opened up to Kai about her past which included being a lookout for a robbery. The team then had a break in the case and realized that Foreman hired a hitman to kill Moore. Finally, Tara and Whistler rekindled their flirtation.

Moving to Hawaii For ‘NCIS: Hawai’i’

Obviously, NCIS: Hawai’i is shot in the great state of Hawai’i. The show’s creators do their best to honor the island’s rich culture and to even promote tourism. Star Vanessa Lachey made the big move with her family to the island and her kids quickly became “island babies” and loved every second of it. Her husband, Nick Lachey had the best reaction to being asked to move across the country.

“It was a talk that I had with my husband and I said, ‘What do you think?’ and…he’s like, ‘Hawaii, umm, it could be worse.’ And he was like, ‘This is awesome!'” she told Entertainment Tonight. “And I’ll never forget him saying, ‘This is your time and you’ve been there in the past for me.'”

The couple shares three young kids together. This includes sons Camden, 8, and Phoenix, 4, and daughter Brooklyn, 6.

Vanessa shared that the couple tries to do life by splitting their time 50/50. When he’s on tour with his band 98 Degrees, she’s with the family. When she is shooting a project, he does his best to be home to take care of the brood.

“So this is working. This is a thing that would take our whole family out of the mainland and bring them very far away, and he was on board to support me. I told the kids and they were gung ho because they think that Hawaii is water slides, play. I ask them all the time, ‘Are you happy or no?’ And they’re like, yeah! So they’re very happy here, they love it here. They’re island babies. I didn’t even realize I had island babies until I brought them here,” she concluded.