‘NCIS’: Here’s How Gibbs’ Absence Affected Kasie’s Choice

by Lauren Boisvert

In Monday night’s “NCIS” episode, Kasie Hines had a big decision to make. Gibbs was there in spirit to help her make it. More like, her various experiences being kidnapped and Gibbs’ absence helped her make her decision.

First of all, Kasie was trying to decide whether or not to buy a gun. She’s been emotionally damaged from her experiences being held hostage by Paul Lemere; then by three guys in the diner in the episode “Blarney.” So, for her safety, she wants to get a gun. She just can’t decide if it’s the right decision or not.

Having a gun, she admits to Jessica Knight, “it’s there to keep me safe, but maybe it just reminds me of what I’m afraid of.”

She turns to Jimmy Palmer next, and really opens up about why she’s so hesitant to make a decision. She asks the age-old question, what would Gibbs do? Palmer tells her, “I think he would say take a breath, you can be conflicted while still shopping.” Palmer admits to Kasie that he doesn’t own a gun, because he’s the one who has to pull all the bullets out of shooting victims. Kasie is still on the fence, though, and recalls her abductions.

“Both times I was saved by Gibbs, meaning it’s on me when strike three happens,” she tells Palmer. Then, Jessica Knight takes her to the shooting range, and she finds her niche. “It feels better than I thought it would,” she tells Knight. “I wouldn’t mind coming back to blow off steam every now and then.” So, she decides not to get a gun after all.

‘NCIS’: Fans Think They Found Clues to Gibbs’ Return

Some sharp-eyed fans are speculating that Mark Harmon’s name on the “NCIS” opening credits could be a clue that Gibbs isn’t gone for good. It’s true, even though the new actors have been added to the intro, Mark Harmon’s name is still there. What could this mean for his position in front of the camera?

Fans took to Twitter to discuss. “I don’t think Gibbs is entirely out of NCIS UNTIL they change the intro. They’ve added the new employees, but they haven’t yet removed Mark,” wrote one fan.

“Mark Harmon will come back for an ep later this season, I bet,” speculated another. “He’s still doing the ‘Stay tuned’ in the opening credits. He’s also left and returned several times.”

“So why is Gibbs still in the NCIS intro?” yet another person mused. “Is he coming back, or are they simply too lazy to make a fresh intro?”

I don’t think it’s laziness, but possibly a reluctance to wipe away every evidence of Mark Harmon’s impact on the show. He was on “NCIS” for 18 years, for crying out loud. So, it’s possible the cast and crew don’t want to get rid of the last vestiges of Mark Harmon’s existence on “NCIS.”