‘NCIS’: Here’s How Gibbs’ Emotional Exit Episode Performed in TV Ratings

by Madison Miller

For longtime fans of the procedural drama “NCIS,” Monday night’s episode was the ultimate tearjerker. For a show about solving crime and constant high-action scenes, there were several moments that left fans stunned and emotional.

During the last episode of “NCIS” Gibbs, played by Mark Harmon, said goodbye. Harmon has been playing his character since the backdoor pilot in “JAG” back in 2003.

In the course of 19 seasons, there’s been plenty of emotional moments on the show. From Kate’s character getting shot and killed, finding out Ziva is alive, to even witnessing fan-favorites like Pauley Perrette exit the show.

‘NCIS’ Ratings for Most Recent Episode

Now, Gibbs’ exit is certainly going to be at the top of the rankings for most emotional “NCIS” moments. However, how does last night’s episode stand in TV ratings?

Despite being an all-around important and engaging episode, the episode dropped in both viewers and demo rating compared to previous weeks. According to TV Line, the show brought in 7.4 million total viewers and a 0.5 demo rating.

“NCIS” continues to battle it out with other Monday night shows. Now that Harmon is gone, the show could potentially see a dip in viewers. It’ll be interesting to see the ratings for the remainder of season 19.

Mark Harmon got to leave on a high note, too. It was the most-watched show of the night.

“NCIS: Hawai’i,” which premieres right after the mothership series, had 5.1 million viewers and a 0.4 rating.

Meanwhile, “The Voice” is a huge competitor that racked in 6.8 million eyeballs and a 0.9 rating.

Most Emotional Moment of Gibbs’ Exit

For fans of “NCIS,” Gibbs’ exit from the show was certainly expected. Harmon signed on for a limited appearance this season in order to keep the show from being canceled.

The exit has been a long time coming. Also, his exit was heavily foreshadowed the entire episode. Agent Parker storms into Gibbs’ house to arrest him, but he is nowhere to be seen. Parker says, “Something tells me he’s not coming back.”

In an emotional moment, Gibbs tells McGee that he is not going back to work with “NCIS.” The two were on a mission to find a hitman in Alaska.

The entire episode is full of Gibbs saying goodbye to iconic characters like Agent Torres, Ducky, and Vance.

While all were pretty emotional, none stacked up to saying goodbye to McGee. Harmon and Sean Murray were the two actors that have been on the show the longest. Gibbs watched McGee go from a probie to a senior field agent to a team leader.

The two stand face to face and McGee gets teary-eyed after learning his “NCIS” boss isn’t coming back. “I could not have hoped for anyone better to watch my back for the past 18 years than you, Tim,” Gibbs says.

The two hug emotionally and exchange “I love yous.”

Hopefully, you had some tissues nearby. Gibbs may have found peace with his future, but all “NCIS” fans are feeling is a sucker punch to the heart.