‘NCIS’: Here’s How Long the Show Will Be on Hiatus This Winter

by Shelby Scott

Outsiders look forward to the premiere of our favorite shows ahead of each fall season. In contrast, the winter marks a bittersweet time for procedural crime show fans. The last few months have seen us enraptured with exciting events taking place, especially on CBS‘s “NCIS.” However, as happens annually, we rapidly approach the hit show’s winter hiatus. Read on to find out just how long we’re forced to wait before “NCIS” returns to screens.

As you may already know, the December 6th episode of “NCIS” marks its midseason finale ahead of the upcoming hiatus. As far as the rest of the break, here’s when you should tune back into CBS for more new episodes.

Following the holidays and the New Year’s celebrations, “NCIS” plans to return to screens just after we ring in 2022. Debuting with a brand new episode entitled “Pledge of Allegiance,” our naval investigative team will return on Monday, January 3rd.

In reality, the hiatus isn’t painfully long, lasting just under a month. However, for longtime “NCIS” fans, we know there’s a good chance the upcoming episode will leave us with a cliffhanger. If that’s the case, a month is an awfully long time to wait for a conclusion.

As to the storyline itself? “NCIS” shared a preview of the team’s upcoming investigation and it’s sure to debut as the most unique to date. Briefly, the clip captures Agents Torres and Knight as they confront their holographic murder victim. We learn the woman created the program for her family. However, the brand new episode will reveal whether the program serves as comic relief or a crucial tool in “NCIS’s” investigation.

‘NCIS’ Cast Member Reveals Experience Directing Mark Harmon

As Monday night debuts the final episode of “NCIS” ahead of the holidays, fans will encounter their first winter hiatus following Mark Harmon’s departure. For 18 seasons, we looked forward to the return of the cast patriarch and mainstay. But 2022 will be the first year the beloved Gibbs actor will not return.

Nevertheless, we can take solace in knowing Harmon remains present behind the scenes of “NCIS,” putting heightened emphasis on his role as an executive producer.

Interestingly, Harmon’s authoritative position behind the scenes contrasts starkly with his previous role as subordinate to Director Leon Vance. Played by cast mainstay Rocky Carroll, the actor previously spoke about this experience directing iconic actor and producer Mark Harmon.

This season of “NCIS” has taken Carroll behind the scenes more frequently and as such, the director and actor got multiple opportunities to direct Harmon as both Gibbs and as a rebel character prior to his departure.

Of a 2017 experience directing the “NCIS” icon, Carroll shared, “I got to direct Mark not only as Gibbs but also as this other character, so it was a lot of fun.”

The experience which the “NCIS” star spoke to came during the episode “Off The Grid.” Throughout, Gibbs takes on the persona of an anti-government radical to find the killer and solve a crime.

The experience highlighted a fun, new method of involvement for Carroll and Harmon both on the set of “NCIS.” However, now, as we see the Director Vance character slide behind the scenes more frequently, it will be interesting to see how our new team grows and develops.