‘NCIS’: Here’s What Actually Happened Between Gibbs and Jimmy Palmer’s GF

by Shelby Scott
Photo: Monty Brinton/CBS ©2008 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.

“NCIS” is popular for a lot of reasons, besides simply airing on CBS for an impressive 19 seasons. Namely, one thing that makes the procedural crime drama so captivating is the series’ tendency for well-written plot twists. More than a dozen seasons later, we’ve stepped back in time to take a look at one such plot twist. The event took place between the iconic Special Agent Gibbs and the deceased triple agent, Michelle Lee.

For longtime fans, you might recall Lee, a lawyer by trade and medical examiner Jimmy Palmer’s first girlfriend on “NCIS.”

The character made her first appearance in season four. Typically, Lee was a shy and awkward character, especially around the all-knowing Agent Gibbs. Nevertheless, she briefly served on Gibbs’ team where it was discovered she was acting as a mole on “NCIS.” Come to learn Director Vance assigned all three suspects to Gibbs’ team following the original team’s departure as a way to weed the mole out.

At first, the agency declares former FBI agent Brett Langer as the mole. Lee kills him during the season six premiere.

Eventually, however, the original team returns, that being Tony DiNozzo, Ziva David, and Timothy McGee. It’s then the “NCIS” team realizes Lee is truly the mole. Soon enough, “NCIS” fans learn Lee is only acting as a mole to protect her kidnapped sister.

That’s when Gibbs really comes into the picture. As Express reminds us, Lee eventually gets taken hostage while undercover in an effort to rescue her sister. When Gibbs comes face to face with the kidnapper, he and Lee find themselves aboard a packed subway train. The outlet reminds us Lee gave Gibbs permission to shoot through her to end the kidnapping for good.

‘NCIS’ Sees the Deaths of Numerous Minor Characters

As a criminally investigative show, it makes sense that “NCIS” is accompanied by a collection of character demises, especially when it comes to minor characters. One prime example came at the death of Special Agent Lee, as mentioned above.

However, later in “NCIS,” after so many seasons boasting a positive and enriching home life, Director Leon Vance sees the death of his loving wife, Jackie Vance.

Compared to Michelle Lee, Jackie portrayed an absolutely innocent civilian, her only ties to “NCIS” through her husband. Even then, we saw more of a familial connection with Director Vance than we did with the previous director, Jenny Shepard. Often, small scenes saw Vance on the phone with Jackie, promising his quick returns home and declarations to run small errands on the way home from work.

That is why, when her death came during season 10, fans were absolutely devastated. In the handful of scenes Jackie starred in, the character brought humor, stability, and positivity.

Unfortunately, the character met her end when gunmen mowed down Mossad director Eli David as he and his daughter, Officer Ziva David, had dinner at the Vances’ house.