‘NCIS’: Here’s What Rocky Carroll’s Networth Is

by Suzanne Halliburton
Edward Chen/CBS

Rocky Carroll is the NCIS renaissance man. He acts and directs. Plus, he has a Tony Award nomination to his credit.

But how much is this multi-talented 58-year-old worth? It’s an estimated $4 million.

Let’s take a look. Carroll joined the cast of NCIS back in 2008. His first episode as Leon Vance was Internal Affairs, which ran April 22 of that year. And you could say Carroll had a specific kind of reunion within the NCIS cast. Carroll, along with Mark Harmon (Gibbs) and Lauren Holly (Jenny Shepard) all were on the main cast of Chicago Hope. That was a medical drama, which like NCIS, was on CBS. Carroll played Dr. Keith Wilkes, who often butted heads with the head of the ER. His best friend on the show was Peter Berg’s Dr. Kronk. Coincidentally, Berg went on to direct TV shows and movies including Friday Night Lights.

Carroll was on Chicago Hope from 1996-2000.

Cliff Lipson/CBS. ©2008

Log Before NCIS, Carroll Appeared on Some Hefty Dramas and a Fabulous Satire Sports Movie

And long before NCIS, Carroll elevated his TV career with a role on Roc, one of the first comedies when Fox was but a fledgling network. Carroll played the musician brother of Roc Emerson, the main character portrayed by Charles S Dutton. He played Joey for the show’s three seasons.

Carroll earned guest-starring roles in a number of high-powered 1990s-era drama like ER and West Wing. And he also co-starred in the 1996 boxing satire film Great White Hype. The cast dripped in coolness. The movie starred Berg, along with Samuel L Jackson, Jamie Foxx, Damon Wayans along with Jeff Goldblum, Cheech Marin and Jon Lovitz. (Outsider tip, stream this movie, unless you’re allergic to laughing).

So getting back to Carroll’s career with NCIS. He already had previous ties to CBS. He was a natural fit to come play the NCIS director.

“I was pretty fortunate because I had a pretty long relationship with CBS before NCIS came on my radar,” Carroll told CBS-Los Angeles in a interview earlier this year. “I had worked on several CBS shows. (Mark Harmon) and I actually met on Chicago Hope back in the ’90s. We were both members of the cast of Chicago Hope for three seasons.”

Cliff Lipson/CBS

Carroll’s most significant plotline this season of NCIS came in October, when he helped with the send-off of Harmon. Vance and Gibbs met at the diner to talk about Gibbs going to Alaska to investigate what company had paid for a hitman. With the scene told in flashback, Vance brought Gibbs a satellite phone. Then the technology-challenged Gibbs dunked his flip phone into a cup of coffee. Vance and Gibbs did the double-handed handshake. They said goodbye very unofficially. Vance knew Gibbs likely was staying in Alaska after the case finished.

Carroll has directed 18 NCIS episodes in his career, including two already broadcast this fall. When NCIS returns Jan. 3 with an episode called Pledge of Allegiance, you might recognize Carroll’s touch. It’ll be his 18th NCIS episode.