‘NCIS’: Here’s What Sean Murray’s Networth Is

by Suzanne Halliburton

Outsiders love NCIS and all its characters. So we’re pondering more details about Sean Murray.

You know Murray. He portrays Timothy McGee, who at one time was Gibbs’ right-hand man in the NCIS office. When Mark Harmon left his role as Leroy Jethro McGee, McGee seemed to be the obvious choice to replace him as special agent in charge. That job went to Gary Cole’s Alden Parker.

Eddy Chen/CBS

Have you seen Murray before on your TV set or at the movie? What’s his background? The other nosy question — what’s he worth?

Let’s take a look.

Long before NCIS kicked off its amazing run in 2003, you might’ve seen Murray in a popular movie. But his character was anything but a law enforcement type. He was part of the cast of Hocus Pocus. The movie starred Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimy. Murray was only 18. He portrayed Thackery Binx. Totally cool name for his character, right? But Thackery was a teenager from 1693 who was cursed to live life as a cat, with an unlimited number of lives.

Murray also guest-starred in several big TV series, including ER and Touched By An Angel. At the same time as Hocus Pocus, Murray also was part of the cast of TV show Harts of the West.

Then came the show that possibly launched his NCIS career or at least opened the door. Murray guest starred in six episodes as two different characters in JAG. If you know your NCIS trivia, then you’re aware CBS used JAG as a backdoor pilot for NCIS in 2003.

Monty Brinton/CBS ©2010

Murray is 44. Chances are, he’ll always be known as Timothy McGee, the husband of Delilah Fielding and father of John Jr. (named after McGee’s father, an admiral) and Morgan.

In real-life, Murray’s father also was in the military. He rose to the rank of captain in the Navy. So Murray knows the life. Conversely, Murray’s family ties also gave him an opening for NCIS. Murray’s mother and dad divorced when Sean was a teenager. Then Vivienne, the mother, moved the kids to Los Angeles. That’s where Vivienne met and married Hollywood super-producer Donald P. Bellisario.

Bellisario is a former Marine and ad executive who liked to use the military as a backdrop for his shows. In other words, he created what he lived. He developed NCIS, but also produced Magnum PI, JAG, Air Wolf and Quantum Leap. Bellisario also has a large family, with seven children and several stepchildren. Murray’s mother is Bellisario’s fourth wife.

Murray is one of the most familiar faces on NCIS. He’s appeared in 408 episodes. The only two characters who have been listed in more episodes are Harmon and David McCallum (Ducky). According to IMDB, Harmon and McCallum have appeared in 423 episodes, each. But in some cases, especially for the 88-year-old McCallum, it’s for credit only.

Let’s circle back to our original question. How much is Murray worth? Best estimate is $8 million.

NCIS is on a holiday hiatus. McGee, Parker, Jimmy, Torres, and Jess return on Jan. 3 with a new episode. Stick with Outsider for more details about your favorite show.