‘NCIS’: Here’s Where You Recognize the Port-to-Port Killer From

by Anna Dunn

The port-to-port killer from season 8 of NCIS has a pretty familiar face. Here’s who plays him, and where you might recognize him from:

The man who plays the vicious port-to-port killer in the 8th season of the hit TV show is none other than Kerr Smith. Smith is known for his roles as Carter Horton on Final Destination, Jack McPhee on Dawson’s Creek, Kyle Brody on Charmed, and many others.

Another Role you may know him for is one of his most recent. He plays Principal Honey on the CW’s bizarre and heavily memed teen drama Riverdale.

On the show, the port-to-port killer was a true menace who targeted members of the NCIS organization. In the last two episodes of season 8, Smith gets a ton of screen time. The episodes explore the killer’s backstory as lieutenant Jonas Cobb. But Cobb was recruited for a special program that tore apart his mental state and made him into a cold-blooded killer.

His string of killings was a way to seek revenge on the project. As the port to port killer, Smith played one of the most twisted villains on the whole show. And there’s plenty of competition.

But a lot has happened since season 8. We have a very different cast, and the most recent episode took a deep dive into the mind of Special Agent Torres, who wasn’t even here for the port to port killer.

The Most Recent Episode of ‘NCIS’ Saw Torres at a Breaking Point

Undercover missions are always intense, but Torres took it too far in a recent episode. The Special Agent, whose played by Wilmer Valderrama, had a really rough episode. We saw him get far too invested when he went undercover as a cage fighter.

Towards the end of the episode, Torres is beaten to a pulp in a fight. Thankfully, McGee is there to talk to him and tell him he’s taken things too far.

That’s when Torres reveals he has nothing left to lose, because he feels like nobody is there for him. It’s pretty devastating revelation, but it makes sense. Torres recently was abandoned by Bishop, who went off to go undercover. He also lost Gibbs. And he was perhaps even left by his own father. So he’s been feeling pretty lonely lately.

Thankfully McGee was there to remind Torres that he always has him. He always has his friend.

If you’re excited for the next episode of NCIS, you’ll, unfortunately, have a little while to wait. The next episode won’t air until sometime in late February. This is because a lot of network programming is going on hiatus during the 2022 Winter Olympic Games. While you’re waiting, you can always catch up on old seasons like the one with the port to port killer, on Paramount +.