‘NCIS’ Highlights Besties and Partnership in New Image

by Lauren Boisvert

Jessica Knight walked right into the bullpen and made herself at home; she fit right into the “NCIS” team, bouncing quips off of Torres and McGee with ease. In short, she’s made some new friends. In a recent tweet from “NCIS,” friendship takes center stage with a photo of Jessica Knight and Torres sharing a look.

“The look you give your bestie when you realize a new episode of #NCIS is coming,” the caption reads. “Tag whoever you’ll be watching with below!” A few fans commented, tagging their friends and fellow “NCIS” fans on the post.

Down to its heart, “NCIS” is a show about relationships, and most importantly friendships. There are so many great friendships on the show; McGee and Abby, Abby and Gibbs, Tony and McGee, Gibbs and Ducky. The entirety of the first season team, basically. There have also been many romantic relationships built on friendship, notably Tony and Ziva, Gibbs and Director Shepard, and the briefness of Torres and Bishop. Their relationships were rooted in friendship first.

So, it’s sweet to see friendship take the lead on this case. Jessica Knight is becoming a good friend quickly, even though she’s relatively new to the squad. McGee and Torres know they can count on her in the field, she’s proven herself in the short time she’s been on the show. So, yeah, I’d like to see her reach bestie level with the team. She’s already on her way there, anyway.

‘NCIS’ Teases ‘Family Affair’ for New Episode on Monday

Monday’s new episode, “Docked,” is sure to feature a relationship of an entirely different kind; McGee is sent to interrogate his mother-in-law after she finds a dead body on her cruise.

Looks like we’re getting to see the McGee family in action again, with promo photos featuring McGee’s wife, Delilah. She works for the Department of Defense, but whether she’s there on a personal or professional level, we’ll have to wait and see.

Hopefully, we get more insight into why McGee turned down Gibbs’ job. “NCIS” is great at taking a funny episode and turning it serious at the end, so maybe that’s what’s going to happen between McGee and Delilah; they’ll get together and have a serious talk about his future.

But, before that, “NCIS” promises to deliver a hilarious episode full of McGee being embarrassed about interrogating his mother-in-law, Torres being embarrassed at having to listen to it, and Jessica Knight barely able to hold in her laughter. Judy, McGee’s mother-in-law, promises to be a hoot in the episode; she’s played by Patricia Richardson, known for Jill Taylor on “Home Improvement.” We don’t know much about the episode, but it looks like it’s going to be a heartwarming look into McGee’s home life, and will make us laugh along the way.