‘NCIS’ Highlights Uneasy Partnership Between Gibbs and Gary Cole’s Alden Parker

by Lauren Boisvert

Tensions are mounting between Gibbs and Alden Parker in a clip from Monday night’s NCIS episode. With Gibbs getting obsessed with the serial-turned-contract-killer, Parker prepares to take matters into his own hands. He tries to convince Gibbs to do things the right way, to face his problems instead of “burying his head in the sand.” And things do not go well.

In episode 3, Gibbs and Parker are on a road trip together with the serial killer, Paul Lemere, in custody, leading them to his first victim.

The two are talking outside of the car in the clip, and Parker brings up Gibbs’ past, saying, “Is that true? Small town, military dad, losing your…” and here he trails off with one looks from Gibbs saying don’t go there.

Parker defers to the NCIS team leader, leaving the subject be. He goes on to say, in typical FBI-working-with-another-bureau- fashion, “This thing between you two [Gibbs and Lemere], I don’t like it.” Gibbs doesn’t look surprised by this fact; he replies, “Mind games. Ignore it.” Pretty hard to ignore someone who tried to kill you, but okay Gibbs.

Parker seems to be on the same wavelength, as he says, “That’s your go-to? Don’t like what you see, pretend it’s not there?”

“I’m saying, stick with the job,” Gibbs replies. This is usual for Gibbs, as he tends to put the job over everything. Alden Parker doesn’t seem to agree, though. He replies, “The last guy I knew who liked to stick his head in the sand, things didn’t turn out so well.”

It may be a little too late to teach an old dog new tricks, Parker. As soon as Gibbs says, “Your call,” and hands it over to Parker, you can tell he’s planning something; Gibbs doesn’t give up that easily.

As soon as Parker turns his back, Gibbs gets in the car and takes off with Lemere. A classic move.

Gibbs Splitting from the NCIS Team?

In the episode 4 synopsis, we know Gibbs and McGee are going to Alaska while the rest of the team stays home. They’re trying to uncover the company who was paying Lemere to kill; so far it’s unclear what they found in Alaska.

But, with rumors that Mark Harmon may not be around on NCIS very often, fans are looking at everything with a critical eye, wondering if this is the moment where he leaves and never comes back.

In a September interview with TV Line, showrunner Steven D. Binder assuaged some of those fears by stating, “We’re going to ‘bring the band back together,’ to some degree so they can do what we have liked watching for 20 years which is these people solving crimes together.”

So, maybe there’s nothing to fear, and Gibbs is just branching out after being suspended for so long. He does have McGee with him, after all.