‘NCIS’: How Filming Delay Could Impact Upcoming Episodes

by Joe Rutland

There is currently a filming delay with NCIS over some positive tests for COVID-19 behind the scenes. Will this impact future episodes?

Outsiders, we all want to know some details about this classic CBS drama and what’s going on.

Therefore, we will get some details about NCIS in this article by Matt & Jess.

Season 19 filming has been pushed back early this year. Yes, work continues on NCIS: Hawai’i yet work stoppages lead to questions.

Will we get more new episodes in January?

Are there going to be schedule changes?

‘NCIS’ Filming Continues To Be On Schedule Outside Of Current Break

OK, Outsiders, everything is up in the air. Right now, we can tell you that NCIS is not delayed outside of this current stoppage. Things are on schedule to pick up once this delay ends.

Episode 11 titled All Hands will air on January 17. Episode 12 titled Fight or Flight is still set for January 24. These already are in the can so we will get these on CBS for NCIS.

Another question for the show. What if this delay is a long one?

Some planning has been done in conjunction with the timing of the Winter Olympics. Yes, we know that it is NBC, not CBS, who will be the host network for the Winter Games.

But networks are playing savvy with the shows and keeping some fresh episodes in the back.

That way, they will have some new things to show fans.

Additionally, they see this as a ratings issue, too. NCIS airs on Monday nights at 9 p.m. Eastern, 8 p.m. Central.

Show Star Sean Murray Gets His Departure Brought Under Fans’ Eyes

Before we get too deep into this section, we should say that there is absolutely no news about a pending departure from NCIS for longtime cast member Sean Murray.

Yet they are bringing his eventual exit under their eyes.

A thread from Reddit is titled “Any Estimates when McGee could be gone.”

Our lead Redditor writes: “I am just being [a] fan of estimates, just theorizing about McGee being the only original left. I don’t mean original cast per se’ but he was part of season 1 that makes him original still. He will stay until the show ends or just storyline-wise leaving when? What is his ending?”

Another fan jokes, “Never, McGee is the eternal NCIS being who will never leave or die.”

“Sean Murray seems content with being McGee until the end,” another Redditor writes. “He’s not a ‘superstar’ but he’s making a good living. He can probably walk the streets or go out without being hounded by fans, yet he‘s a great actor and very well-liked.”