‘NCIS’: How a Real-Life Death Led to Duane Henry’s Exit

by Hannah Heser

NCIS star Duane Henry left the show due to a tragic experience. In fact, he will not be appearing in the new season in 2022.

According to Express, Reeves became a main priority to the team, forming close friendships with forensic expert Abby Sciuto and fellow agent Nick Torres.

Do you remember when NCIS killed Duane’s character, Clayton Reeves? This was especially heartbreaking for the “NCIS” lovers. Another Outsider recently reported Henry looking back on this three years later.

“I couldn’t have asked for a better exit,” said Henry in an interview with Parade.com. And in case you’re wondering, he still makes time to check up on his co-stars.

This show is one he will never forget, and it gave him so many opportunities. But every great experience must come to an end because nothing is meant to last forever. Although, why did Henry relate this to a real-life death experience?

Duane Henry Leaves the Show Because of a Tragic Experience On-Screen

At the end of season 15, fans saw the most tragic incident happen to one of their favorite characters. In this case, a shooting took place in the scene.

It all started when Pauley Perrette’s character, Abby, invited Reeves out to dinner. While they were out having fun and getting to know each other, something didn’t go right when they left. That’s right. A mugger randomly pulled out a gun and demanded money from them.

The two friends had no idea what to do in this situation, but Reeves knew he had to protect Abby. So when the shot was fired, he stepped in front and took the bullet for her. This was a remarkable and selfless act. But unfortunately, Reeves passed away shortly after.

Express reported that Abby became devastated knowing that he died trying to protect her. And with that being said, she resigned from the show and went to London with Reeves’ body.

“This was so she could start the charity he had been talking about to help homeless women,” Express said. “Henry has recently opened up about how the death of his character was not exactly planned.”

You’re probably thinking, “How can movies and television shows get away with something like this? Wouldn’t it scar the people portraying the characters?”

Well, the character’s stunt double was played by NCIS showrunner Gary Glasberg. On the report of Express, Glasberg died of an unknown cause at just 50-years-old.

And Duane Henry told Parade in an interview that “He died straight after I got the part of Reeves.”

None of the other directors had any ideas for Reeves since Gary had them all. But he still manages to be positive about this exit.

What Henry is Doing Now

Duane Henry currently lives in Los Angeles, California as an actor still. After his role on “NCIS” ended, he joined the Christmas film, “Mistletoe.”