‘NCIS’: Is the Franchise Connected to the Same Universe as ‘Hawaii Five-O’?

by Jonathan Howard

The CBS family of law enforcement dramas have crisis cross and shared episodes many times in the past. So, what is the NCIS universe?

For those that aren’t familiar, there have been crossover episodes throughout the NCIS universe. The spinoffs are all connected to the original show in some way. However, other CBS dramas were connected to the shows as well. That includes Hawaii Five-O.

With the recent inclusion of Beulah Koale in Spies Part 1 and Part 2, fans are asking, “Where have I seen him before?” The answer is Hawaii Five-O. However, his character in NCIS is completely different. Here is what one fan on Reddit thought about the situation. It can be a bit confusing.

“With the recent episodes of [NCIS: Hawai’i] now including a guest spot from a [Hawaii Five-O] actor, is it now confirmed that [Hawaii Five-O] is outside of this universe? [Hawaii Five-O] had previously crossed over with [NCIS: Los Angeles] which obviously had spun off from [NCIS] which links to [NCIS: Hawai’i]. [Hawaii Five-O] also crossed over with the [Magnum P.I.] reboot at one point so I assume that is now off the cards too?”

Other fans chimed in and gave their takes on things. User No_Communication1010 said, “Not necessarily, [NCIS] has reused actor many times before. Scottie Thompson was in the original [NCIS] as Jeanne Benoit and was in an episode of [Los Angeles]. Also Liza Lapira was Agent Lee in [the original series] and had a part in an [NCIS: New Orleans].

CBS is known for bringing actors and actresses back. If they like you, they will usually find a spot for you. Recently, the NCIS team has been fighting, literally, in a cage match.

‘NCIS’ Sends Nick Torres Into the Cage

Wilmer Valderrama played quite a role as Nick Torres in the newest episode of NCIS. The team had to get to the bottom of a death. A Navy lieutenant. Where their investigation led was to an underground cage fighting ring. Because, of course, it did.

Torres, being the young and in shape agent that he is, took the punches in this one. He had to train up to get ready. Then, he had to take a beating. All in a good day’s work. Fans were crazy about this episode. They loved watching it and seeing Valderrama’s character develop. It even prompted the actor to thank fans for the support.

The bad news here Outsiders, there is a month until a new episode of NCIS. This last episode was a good one and that should hopefully hold fans off while the Winter Olympics take over TV. February 28 is the return date and episode 13 will hit screens across the country. There is no title for the episode yet, but it will be the 13th chapter in the season.