‘NCIS’: Is There a New Episode Tonight?

by Suzanne Halliburton

Is there a new NCIS episode tonight? Will fans be able to see fresh stories with their favorite characters?

The answer is yes and yes! It’s a new episode tonight with a very intriguing storyline. The plot features old-fashion murder with some new-fangled technology that could help the agents solve the crime.

Here’s the plot summary from CBS for Collective Memory: “When a hotshot financial advisor is found shot at a naval station, NCIS investigates the case by interviewing the victim’s three-dimensional hologram of herself, which she created before her death.”

In a tease CBS released earlier Monday, you can see how the technology works. Check out the video that’s included with the tweet:

NCIS Explains Tech Company Created Interactive Hologram

The video shows us Torres (Wilmer Valderrama) and Jess (Katrina Law) talking to a character named Geoffrey Sullivan (Matthew Hancock). He’s previewing what Torres and Jess are about to see.

Torres asks “time out, what the hell is this?” Sullivan tells him “I don’t know how it works, but it works.”

Stepfanie Kramer, a star from the 1980-era Hunter, portrays the “hotshot financial advisor.” In tonight’s NCIS episode, she plays a character named Sandra Holden. Sullivan informs Jess and Torres that Sandra met with a tech company. They “came in and interviewed her for like two weeks straight, asking about her life, then they created this whole thing.”

Why would she do this? Sullivan said “Sandra wanted to leave something for her daughter and grandson in case she couldn’t make things right. … She’ll answer questions your questions, well most of them.”

The tech company equipped the interactive hologram with Sandra’s views and memories. Jess starts off with a basic intro. “Sandra, hi, my name is Jessica, how are you?” So Sandra replies: “I’m good hun, how are you?”

Sonja Flemming/CBS

Keep An Eye Out for Rocky Carroll’s Episode Next Month

Leslie Libman directed this NCIS episode. It’s Libman’s 18th of the series since 2006. The last Libman directed episode was Toil and Trouble from January, 2019.

NCIS also is sticking with a recent trend of including female stars from some popular, vintage shows.

Patricia Richardson, who was part of the 1990-era comedy Home Improvement, appeared in Docked, which ran Nov. 8. Richardson portrayed McGee’s mother-in-law who discovered a dead body on a cruise ship. It’s unclear whether Richardson could return for other NCIS episodes. But the series does like to introduce the relatives of its characters.

Kramer, who portrays Sandra in tonight’s episode, starred alongside Fred Dryer, a former NFL standout, in Hunter. She played a homicide detective named Dee Dee McCall. After a rocky first season, the cop drama found its footing when it brought in a new executive producer. Roy Huggins, the EP, had worked on Maverick and The Rockford Files.

NCIS fans, tonight’s episode is the final new one for 2021. The show returns Jan. 3 with Pledge of Allegiance. Rocky Carroll, who plays NCIS director Leon Vance, is pulling double duty. He’s directing the episode. Stick with Outsider for more NCIS details.