‘NCIS’: Is Torres Going to Get Himself Suspended in Upcoming Episode?

by Lauren Boisvert
Photo: Cliff Lipson/CBS ©2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Is Torres is danger of getting suspended or losing his job on the upcoming “NCIS”? In a new promo for the episode, “Fight or Flight”, it looks like Torres has gotten himself into an underground fight club. Could this be one mistake that costs him his job?

In the promo, McGee senses something is wrong with Torres when he comes into work. He comments, “You look like you’ve had a long night.” Later, he seemingly follows Torres to his fight club, witnessing Torres getting beat to all hell. “Are you trying to get yourself killed?” McGee hisses at Torres, who just gives him a look.

Jessica Knight also gives Torres a talking to. “This isn’t a game,” she says. “It’s an intervention.”

So, it seems like Torres’ fellow agents are going to find out what he’s been doing and try to talk him out of his self destructive behavior. There’s another question that comes up, though; could Torres’ fighting be linked to a case?

The team is also investigating the murder of someone who’s also missing an eye. Could the fight club be a link to explain the murder? It seems like McGee is going undercover at the ring while Torres fights. It’s possible that they found out about Torres’ habit, and are using him as an in into the fight club. But, if someone tells Vance, Torres’ career could be over. At least for a little while. He’s putting himself at risk, and he could possibly be suspended for that.

Right now, without more information, it’s all speculation. We’ll find out what happens when “Fight or Flight” airs next Monday.

‘NCIS’ Highlights Parker and McGee Being Total Nerds

In the previous “NCIS” episode, “All Hands”, Parker and McGee had a moment to bond over “Star Trek”. The research ship the team was sent to was called Stargazer, which is the name of the ship in “Star Trek: The Next Generation”.

In a funny post on Twitter, “NCIS” highlighted the two of them being total nerds for “Star Trek” with a clip from the episode.

A commander calls Parker, Vance, and McGee to let them know that they received a distress signal from a civilian research vessel called Stargazer.

“Stargazer?” Parker questions. “These researchers sound like Trekkers.” McGee agrees, saying, “Nice catch,” and the commander calls them out on their side conversation.

“Something you’d like to add, agents Parker and McGee?” she asks.

“No commander,” replies Parker. “I was just commenting that the Stargazer was a starship on ‘Star Trek’.” He sounds a little sheepish when he says it, like he doesn’t want the commander to know he likes “Star Trek.”

“Specifically ‘The Next Generation’,” McGee chimes in, and Parker replies, “I’m more of an Original Series man myself.” McGee looks surprised, and for what it’s worth, Vance looks totally done with both of them.