‘NCIS’: Kasie Hines Actor Diona Reasonover Reveals How Cast Welcomed Her on Set

by Joe Rutland

NCIS actress Diona Reasonover, who plays Kasie Hines, happens to remember how the cast welcomed her to the show’s set.

Reasonover joined the CBS drama as a recurring character in Season 14. That changed, though, when she was put on the show as a main character in Season 16. Hines is a forensic specialist.

Well, she talked about going on the show in an interview with Pop Culturalist.

“I think the biggest takeaway is that you should never be afraid to go in and be yourself,” Reasonover said. “Everyone on set has been so welcoming and wonderful. I was very worried about going into such an ongoing show. (And) I felt like I would never catch up.

“I felt like I was starting at a new school and everyone was so much further ahead of me,” the NCIS star said. “I learned the kind of set that I value. (And) I really value people who work hard and the family aspect of being on the NCIS set. Everybody is there for one another.”

‘NCIS’ Actress Part of A Cast Adjusting To Life Without Mark Harmon

She’s definitely a part of an NCIS cast adjusting to life without Mark Harmon. Earlier this season, Leroy Jethro Gibbs, Harmon’s character, walked away from the show. There always is room for Harmon to make an appearance. After all, the actor did not give up his executive producer status.

“That’s not something that you always hear about in Hollywood,” Reasonover said. “I guess what I’ve learned is never cancel this show. I’m going to stay on forever. You can’t drive me away.”

NCIS also is on a different night after many seasons popping up on Tuesday nights. It is now on Monday nights, appearing right before NCIS: Hawai’i starring Vanessa Lachey.

CBS Show Will Welcome Former ‘Home Improvement’ Star On Episode

As if NCIS cannot get any better, the show is going to have a former star of Home Improvement on an upcoming episode.

Patricia Richardson, who played Tim Allen’s wife Jill on the long-running ABC sitcom, will play McGee’s mother-in-law Judy. The episode she appears in is titled “Docked.”

Judy finds a body in the sauna on a cruise ship. Then, the NCIS team goes to investigate. Now, the home and work life of McGee collide once it’s revealed that Judy is his mother-in-law.

Can McGee separate both or is there a conflict of interest taking place because of, well, family?

Is Judy the killer? It doesn’t seem that way.

NCIS also has its other spin-off, NCIS: Los Angeles, on Sunday nights. This could possibly set up any crossover episodes down the road. For now, though, the shows will simply remain on the CBS schedule.