‘NCIS’: Kate Todd Actor Sasha Alexander Got Her Start on TV Long Before Joining the Hit Show

by Hannah Heser

You might know Sasha Alexander from her former role as Kate Todd in NCIS. However, NCIS wasn’t the first show to spark her acting career. For instance, she played Gretchen Witter on Dawson’s Creek, as well as films like Yes Man and He’s Just Not That Into You. Although, her role with NCIS helped her get the recognition she deserves. But that’s not all Outsiders.

Sasha Alexander developed a passion for acting in seventh grade. Her school held a production of Baby and she found herself as the lead after the auditions. Since then a star was born and she started to appear in many other popular films.

Besides her acting career, she has written numerous productions such as Lucky 13. After a few years of developing her brand, she won a few awards. She couldn’t believe that her dream was becoming a reality.

Now you know that Sasha got her start before NCIS. But did NCIS help her become more popular?

Sasha Alexander’ Journey From Smaller Shows to ‘NCIS’

First, Sasha Alexander has had quite a successful career, overall. Even though she’s done with NCIS, she’s not finished with her career just yet.

While her major role on NCIS lasted for only two seasons, her character was huge. And fans were devastated when she left the show.

According to Looper, “Alexander’s Kate character studied law before she dropped out to become a secret service agent. However, a romantic entanglement puts that position into jeopardy, but she’s quickly recruited into the Naval Criminal Investigative Service by Mark Harmon’s character, Gibbs.”

Now what you’ve all been waiting for is what her first appearances are. Her very first gig was Wasteland, which aired in 1999. Looper reported what the show is about and who she played in it.

Wasteland is a young adult drama series that follows the exploits of friends and their relationships and sexuality.”

The article also mentioned another motion picture she starred in before her major role. And that, my friends is Presidio Med. This movie, in particular, is one of the older ones from 2002.

“It was created by ‘ER’ showrunners Lydia Woodward and John Wells,” Looper disclosed. “The show is basically a standard-issue medical procedural drama. Unfortunately, it didn’t air for very long since it only had 14 episodes.” By the sound of that, both of these programs were canceled. The ratings were incredibly low.

Not long after, Sasha made her debut on the hit series we all know and love, NCIS.

The Rise to Fame With ‘NCIS’

Even though Sasha Alexander left the series, she still appears in flashbacks through the older episode clips. So, fans are still able to see one of their all-time favorite agents.

After all, she was never completely gone. She’s always going to be part of this family.