‘NCIS’: Katrina Law Perfectly Nails Caption on Intense Pic Ahead of New Episode

by Megan Molseed

NCIS will return to CBS Monday evening as the long-running procedural drama’s nineteenth season continues. And, of course, the fifth episode in this new season promises to be an amazing one.

Tonight’s episode promises to be so good, in fact, that Katrina Law, the actress who plays NCIS’s newest team member Jessica Knight, shared an intense moment from the episode which is entitled Face the Strange to her Instagram.

Of course, ahead of all the intensity that we can always expect from NCIS, Law couldn’t help but add a bit of playfulness to the Insta teaser photo when she added a hilarious caption to go along with the serious looks she and Wilmer Valderrama are making in the pic.

“Tell us you ate the last of the buttered popcorn before tonight’s episode of @ncis_cbs without telling us you ate the last of the buttered popcorn before tonight’s episode of @ncis_cbs ,” joked Katrina Law in her Monday morning Insta post.

The Insta photo depicts a tense moment from tonight’s NCIS, episode, featuring Katrina Law’s Jessica Knight and Wilmer Valeramma’s Nick Torres looking serious as can be as they collect information in the upcoming episode.

Best To Have The Snacks Ready!

While the caption is a silly one, it does have a valid point.

From the sounds of things, this brand-new Monday night NCIS episode will be full of intense moments, and even a few call-backs from past shows.

So, it might be nice to have a bag of buttered popcorn on hand to snack on while we watch! Our advice is to check the cupboards before tonight’s premiere, so you don’t end up looking like Law and Valderrama do in the photo!

First, NCIS fans will already be facing all kinds of emotions considering this is the first episode to air since the departure of Leroy Jethro Gibbs (Mark Harmon).

With Gibbs gone, agent McGee is now heading the NCIS team. Of course, after starting the series sitting at the lowest rung of the ladder, McGee has proven himself time and time again to be a great stand-in for Gibbs when he would be unavailable. So, this change was the only one that made sense across the board.

NCIS fans will also see the return of Gary Cole’s Alden Parker in tonight’s episode. Alden Parker, who was introduced to the NCIS as a member of the FBI has now been fired from his federal post.

When Gibbs was finding his way out in Great Wide Open, Alden Parker assisted the longtime officer rather than arresting him – which is ultimately what he was there to do.

This resulted in the FBI agent losing his job. The NCIS agents, however, welcomed Parker back. At least for now, as the former FBI agent is back as a private citizen helping the NCIS team on the latest case.