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‘NCIS’ Star Katrina Law Revealed Her ‘Guilty Pleasure’ Movies and TV Shows

by Lauren Boisvert
Photo: Cliff Lipson/CBS ©2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Katrina Law has been on “NCIS” since the tail end of season 18. She’s become a staple in season 19 as Jessica Knight; off-screen, she has a hilarious presence on social media and showcases her interactions with her co-stars in photos and videos from set. She’s honestly a joy to have on the show and brings some occasional levity to the series.

In a 2019 interview with Pop-Culturalist, Law shared some of her favorite things, especially movies and television shows. When asks what her “guilty pleasures” were, she had all the answers.

“I love ‘Riverdale’!” she said of her favorite TV shows. “My friend Madelaine Petsch is on it, and I love her to death. Even if she wasn’t on it, I would absolutely love ‘Riverdale’. But I do think she’s one of the best parts of the show.” She also shared that she loved “Downton Abbey”, “The Dark Crystal”, “The Boys”, and “Carnival Row.” She also loved “The Office” and “Gossip Girl.”

As for movies, it’s no wonder the queen of romantic holiday Hallmark movies would be a closet romantic. “I’m a sucker for a romantic comedy,” Katrina Law admitted. “Everybody makes fun of me for it.” She said she could watch “Love Actually”, “Knight and Day”, “This Means War”, and “The Holiday” over and over again.

Do any of your favorite movies or shows match up with Katrina Law’s? It’s always fun to learn about celebrities’ favorite things and to see how we all compare. Truly, they’re just like us in that regard.

Katrina Law Praises Acting Coach and Manager as ‘Biggest Inspirations’

In the same interview from 2019, Katrina Law spoke about her biggest influences in the acting world. “It’s between my husband, Keith Andreen, and then my manager, Joel Stevens,” she said. She praised “their ability to speak to me with the hard truth but yet do it in a kind, loving way that didn’t defeat me or destroy me.”

Law spoke specifically of her acting coach, who is also her husband, Keith Andreen. “He’s been really great at being able to say, ‘You’re doing one of your tricks’ or ‘I can see you’re phoning it in.’ He’s been great because he knows me personally.”

Of her manager, Joel Stevens, Law said he’s “eternally optimistic.” She went on to say, “There was a time when I conveyed to him that I was afraid he was going to drop me because I hadn’t booked anything in two years. He goes, ‘No way. We’re in this for the long run. This is a marathon. This isn’t a sprint.'”

It seems like Katrina Law has some amazing people backing her up as her career skyrockets. She’s taken a big leap being on “NCIS,” and has helped to usher in a “new era” for the show. Mark Harmon may be gone from in front of the camera, but Katrina Law has stepped comfortably into the open space he left.