‘NCIS’: Katrina Law Wanted Holiday Selfies with Her Dog and They Went How You’d Expect

by Lauren Boisvert
(Photo by Michael Tullberg/Getty Images)

“NCIS” star Katrina Law recently documented one of those moments where you’re trying to get your dog to do something and the dog just won’t do it. Law posted a series of photos on Instagram where she tried to get some selfies with her dog in front of the Christmas tree, but her dog was not having it. He felt like licking her face instead.

The series of blurry photos shows Law dodging her dog and laughing, then a final photo of just her in front of her tree, looking resigned to the fact that her dog refused to participate.

Katrina Law seems to love the holiday season, so it’s unfortunate that “NCIS” isn’t doing a Christmas episode this year. But, the recent “NCIS” episode did delve deeper into Jessica Knight’s personal life.

The episode, titled “Collective Memory,” focused on the rift between a dead woman and her daughter. They hadn’t spoken in years, and it his close to home for Knight. She confided in Torres that she and her mother fought a lot, and that they hadn’t spoken in a few months. Torres says that if they love each other, it’s not complicated. So, by the end of the episode, Knight reaches out to her mother.

“NCIS” is great at family dynamics; the show used to frequently feature the complicated father-son relationship between DiNozzo and his father. Senior was an interesting and difficult man, and often DiNozzo would have to work through something with him by the end of an episode. It’s nice to see the show going deeper into Jessica Knight’s past and personal life now; there’s still so much we don’t know about her.

‘NCIS’ Star Katrina Law Gets Ready For the Holidays

Katrina Law has been posting her exciting preparations for the holiday season on her Instagram recently. Just yesterday, she posted a photo of her Christmas tree with two elf legs sticking out of it. She captioned the photo with an ominous, “It begins…”

She also posted her forays into gingerbread house making, where she showed what the house is supposed to look like, and then her interpretation. It’s chaotic, to say the least. There’s icing everywhere, and glitter sprinkles all over the table. It’s creative, that’s for sure. An abstract interpretation of the classic gingerbread house.

Recently, she brought holiday cookies from Hello Sweeties to the “NCIS” set for the cast and crew. The cookies were expertly decorated to look like trees, gingerbread men, and ornaments emblazoned with “NCIS”. They look absolutely too perfect to eat, but Jimmy Palmer actor Brian Dietzen commented that they were “incredible,” so at least one person ate the beautiful baked masterpieces.