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‘NCIS: LA’ Two-Part Series Finale Delayed

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images)

It seems that the NCIS: LA two-part series finale will come later than CBS planned, but showrunner R. Scott Gemmill promises the ending will be worth the wait.

The second-longest-running series in the hit NCIS franchise has officially celebrated its final day of filming. And the final episodes will play out through the spring. Originally, the last installment was set to air on May 14. But to accommodate an expanded two-hour finale, the network has moved the event to May 21.

While waiting an extra week to see the team wrap up 14 years on primetime TV may seem like a painful pursuit, Gemmill shared that an extended finale is the only way to give the fan-favorite characters a proper send-off.

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During a talk with Parade, the showrunner teased “a few surprises” in the closure that could include a return of Hetty and a wedding.

‘NCIS: LA’ Will Give Hetty’s Story a Proper Closure

Hetty has been a long lingering plot hole for NCIS: LA. The agent, played by Linda Hunt was one of the most beloved in the show. But she disappeared in 2021 for a secret, dangerous mission.

In real life, Hunt had to step back from her screentime to deal with injuries sustained in a minor traffic jam. The production team also wanted to keep her off-set because, at 75, they believed she was too susceptible to COVID, according to The Sun.

However, fans have been begging to have Hetty’s story come to a proper close, and Gemmill admitted that he heard those cries.

“We don’t get to that point. But it’s put in motion,” he said when asked if the team will have to rescue her from a warzone. “Let’s put it that way. We are going to have steps taken to resolve Hetty’s storyline in a way that I hope leaves fans feeling excited.”

Wedding Bells Are in Store For Callen and Ana

And, of course, fans can’t help but wonder what’s in store for Callen and Ana now that they’re officially engaged. While Gemmill didn’t specifically say that a wedding is part of the big send-off, he did make it clear that their happy ending will be a major part of the episode.

“We try to put everyone in a really good place and Callen and Anna are two of them,” he said. “Part of what happens in the finale is Callen getting to a point of contentment. And I think that’s why he’s asked Anna to marry him. He’s gotten to a point where he’s much more present and looking to the future. Where for 14 seasons, we’ve seen him trying to learn about his past and figure it out. I think he’s in a good place. They both are.”