‘NCIS’: The Latest on the Serial Killer Storyline

by Lauren Boisvert

With Gibbs missing from NCIS episode 3 and the team split, is there a chance of a new threat?

Season 19 episode 2 saw Gibbs declared “dead” thanks to a clever PR spin from Vance. Now Gibbs is free to move about and investigate as he pleases. But will that prove to be his downfall? Will the serial killer get ahold of Gibbs now that he’s not officially NCIS?

No need to worry just yet; in episode 2, “Nearly Departed,” the team actually catches the killer, Paul LaMere. But there are more questions than answers after Gibbs shoots him in the back to save Kasie.

It turns out, LaMere wasn’t technically a serial killer, but a contract killer, according to his bank account. His records showed he received $50,000 every 100 days, which led to the contract killer conclusion.

With the only person with answers dead, what’s a team to do?

Work with the FBI, of course. This episode introduced Gary Cole’s Alden Park, undercover FBI agent working the case. NCIS first brought him in as a person of interest when he kept showing up on all their surveillance footage of the killer. Park was tough, and reluctant to give away any information.

When McGee threatened to plaster his face all over the news, Park broke. He revealed his true identity, and NCIS joined forces with the FBI to catch the killer.

And catch him they did. But, before they could get any information out of him, he escaped. In a moment of weakness, Jessica Knight was caught off guard, and the killer busted through the one-way glass and tore through NCIS. Luckily, Gibbs was just stepping off the elevator; he fired a shot into the killer’s back, dropping him.

So, no, it’s unlikely at this point that the serial killer will strike again. But that doesn’t mean Gibbs and team are out of the woods. They still don’t know who the guy was working for, who was paying him, or why he was targeting the people he killed.

Did the Ratings Affect ‘NCIS’ After Time Slot Change?

As we know, NCIS changed from Tuesday night at 8 to Monday night at 9, and fans were worried the ratings would dip too much. And, to be fair, they dipped a little. The season 19 premiere drew 8.15 million same-day viewers, while the season 18 finale drew 8.5 million. But, according to TV Insider, a drop like that from season to season is normal. That doesn’t mean the show is going to be canceled. It’s been on for 18 years, after all, a .35 million dip isn’t going to kill it.

The next 3 days upped the viewer count significantly, though. NCIS was the only show that week to break 10 million viewers after the 3 day mark. While Mark Harmon will be on the show off and on this season, he did start the season strong, and that might be enough to keep the viewers coming back.