‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Alum Andrea Bordeaux Revealed Favorite Part About Working on Show

by Anna Dunn

NCIS: Los Angeles alum Andrea Bordeaux once discussed her favorite part about working on the show. Her answer was truly sweet. Bordeaux was on NCIS: Los Angeles from 2017 through 2018. The actress played Harley Hidoko.

The actress has also been on Dynasty, Run the World, Bones, Criminal Minds, and Rizzoli and Isles. But it looks like her experience on NCIS: Los Angeles really stood out.

“Listen, the cast really is a family and such a tight knit group of people. When we’re on set and working, it’s such a great vibe and there’s such great energy. Everybody brings lots of humor and life, really,” she said in a 2018 interview with Brief Take.

She described the people who have been on the show for a long time as particularly impressive. Not only were they warm and welcoming, but they brought a ton of dedication and energy to set each day.

“The veteran cast members, the ones that have been there since day one, such as Todd [LL Cool J] and Chris [O’Donnell] and Eric [Christian Olsen] and Dani [Ruah] and Barrett [Foa] and Linda [Hunt], they are always on their game. Every single day when people show up, they show up ready to work, they show up prepared, and it’s just such a great energy on set,” she said.

That level of energy and dedication is especially considering how long the actors had been on set at that point. Since the interview, Barrett Foa has left, but the other actors remain. Their energy was so infectious that it gave Bordeaux a new appreciation for her own work.

“You can tell that, even after nine years of doing this, they still really love their jobs. It made me love my job, seeing how much they love theirs,” she said.

‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Has Added Cast Members Since Then

Since that interview in 2018, NCIS: Los Angeles has added its fair share of cast members. Most notably, arguably, is Gerald McRaney. While McRaney has technically been on the show for years as the hilarious Admiral Kilbride, this is his first time on the show as a regular.

The producers of the show, along with fans, were very happy to have the actor come on full time. Kilbride is definitely treasured by NCIS: Los Angeles fans.

The show is in its 13th season and just started releasing episodes earlier this month. It’s the fires of the NCIS spinoffs and is still remaining strong even though its sister spinoff, NCIS: New Orleans, was cancelled earlier this year.

If you want to catch new episodes of NCIS: Los Angeles and see how the cast works together for yourself, you can tune in to CBS on Sunday Nights at 9/8 Central.