‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Alum Renee Felice Smith Has a Feast Fit for a Queen

by Lauren Boisvert

We all know Renee Felice Smith has an amazing talent as an actor, but did you know she also makes incredible charcuterie boards? In a recent post on Instagram, Smith showcased her charcuterie skills, captioning her photo, “back on my boards–t.”

In a fun turn, Eric Christian Olsen, Smith’s old co-star on “NCIS: Los Angeles”, commented on the photo, writing, “This is art!” Truly, it is.

Smith likes to periodically update her fans and friends on what she doing by posting on Instagram. Since leaving “NCIS: Los Angeles,” she’s been to Colorado, spent a lot of time on the beach with her dogs, and written a children’s book.

Among the list, the most impressive feat might be writing and publishing a children’s book. She wrote the book, titled “Hugo and the Impossible Thing,” with her partner Chris Gabriel. Smith and Gabriel met in the sixth grade; their first creative project together was the film “The Relationtrip,” which they wrote and directed together.

“Hugo and the Impossible Thing” features the couple’s dog, Hugo. He tries to surpass the Impossible Thing, finding it’s not so impossible after all. He has support from his forest friends, and figures out how to get over that Impossible Thing. The story was inspired by real-life Hugo’s life-threatening disease, which, with help from his friends, he survived.

On “NCIS: Los Angeles,” Smith played Nell Jones, an intelligence analyst assigned to the Office of Special Projects. She had a close relationship with Hetty Lange, resulting in Hetty offering Nell her job at the end of season 12. She’s also romantically involved with Eric Beale; she moved to Japan to work for his company in the season 12 finale as well.

‘NCIS: Los Angeles’: There Are Loopholes for Nell and Eric to Come Back

According to “NCIS: Los Angeles” showrunner R. Scott Gemmill, there were loopholes put in place so that Renee Felice Smith and Barrett Foa, who played Eric Beale, could return. They wanted to work on other projects; for Smith, that sounds like it might have been her book.

“There’s a little loophole in [‘A Tale of Two Igors’] when Nell says she’s going to be alone in Tokyo with Eric, and she gives it ‘six weeks’ before she’s back, So, we’ll see what happens,” Gemmill has said about the characters. He continued, “we keep in loopholes so that we can bring people back.”

“NCIS: Los Angeles” hits its milestone 300th episode later in season 13, and Smith has expressed that she’s on board to come back for the monumental episode. Allegedly, Eric Christian Olsen will pen the 300th episode, but that’s still speculation. Here’s hoping the show calls Nell back for the milestone.