‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Alum Renée Felice Smith Has the Perfect Christmas Decoration

by Kati Michelle
(Monty Brinton/CBS ©2017 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.)

Renée Felice Smith might just have a new obsession. The “NCIS: Los Angeles” alum told us that in a recent Instagram post which also let fans know about the new adventure that she and her longtime partner, Christopher Gabriel, were embarking on. Antiquing in New York! That’s Hudson, New York if you wanted to get more specific. It looks like the two were just window-shopping, but that’s how most “American Pickers” origin stories start. (If you know, then you know.)

Well, it looks like the couple’s adventure is still going, because we have an update. It’s a festive one, too, drawing attention to the perfect Christmas decoration that Renée Felice Smith spotted on another New York stroll. Any guesses as to what it might be?

Renée Felice Smith Spots Some Season’s Greetings

If you search up Renée Felice Smith on Instagram, you’ll see that New York has clearly had an impact on her in recent weeks. The star shared several snaps of historical architecture and other gems from the city throughout this time. Her most recent snap highlights a beautiful and wintry wreath she spotted that says “Season’s Greetings” best. It’s a perfect way to spread that holiday cheer and welcome guests into your home.

Check it out:

She calls it “a door to remember” and fans can tell that New York is inching further and further into her heart the longer the couple stays in the area.

One fan writes: “You’re going to end up moving there! New York State has some really pretty houses.”

Another fan hints at a run-in with the star the same day writing: “It was so surreal seeing you today!”

And why not throw some “NCIS: Los Angeles” on to celebrate the holidays with the star?

Remebering the Best ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Christmas Episode

If you’re looking for any signs of a Christmas episode from “NCIS: Los Angeles” this year, you’ll ultimately be disappointed. But fear not folks! It simply means the writers cared more about the integrity of the plot than adding in some novelty for the sake of adding in novelty. And the good thing about past Christmas specials is that you can always rewatch them. Seriously, no one’s stopping you.

May we suggest Season 7, Episode 11? This episode of “NCIS: Los Angeles” was titled “Cancel Christmas” and aired in 2015, per IMDb. In case you forgot, the main storyline involves the team trying to figure out who is smuggling spies into the country following the poisoning of a suspected North Korean spy. However, fans also enjoy a slew of other mini-plots like Deeks and Kensi’s Christmas plans with their mothers.