‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Alum Renée Felice Smith Reveals One Thing She’ll ‘Break’ for With Gorgeous Pic

by Maggie Schneider

“NCIS: Los Angeles” alum Renee Felice Smith shares a beautiful bouquet of fall flowers on her Instagram profile.

While Renee Felice Smith is best known for her acting chops, she is also recognized for her positivity on social media. On Wednesday night, the “NCIS: Los Angeles” alum brought that same energy with a photo of a gorgeous arrangement.

The image brings some light into her fans’ days, as well as this cute caption Smith writes: “I break for fall flowers.” With Thanksgiving fast approaching, comments continue to ask what types of flowers are in the vase. One fan suggests that some look to be tuberose bulbs, which are known to be fragrant and festive. Others remain in awe of the blue bulbs towards the center of the image, asking the “NCIS: Los Angeles” alum what kind of flowers those are. Whatever the case, little posts like these from Renee Felice Smith spread holiday cheer to whoever is scrolling.

Renee Felice Smith’s Journey On ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’

Renee Felice Smith inhabited the role of Nell Jones on “NCIS: Los Angeles.” Season 12 featured her last appearance on the show, but her story arc remains one of the most beloved. Her real-life assertiveness shines through the role, as well as her loving spirit. For example, Nell Jones and Eric Beale’s romance is a journey. “NCIS: Los Angeles” lays the groundwork for their love in Season 3. However, fans finally get to see their happy ending at the end of Season 12. Torn between a job and love, Smith’s character ultimately gets both when she moves to Tokyo with Eric.

Renee Felice Smith’s love story on the show should not discount the abilities of her character. She is a strong hand-to-hand combat fighter (as seen in Season 4,) is fluent in Spanish and has the highest IQ of the team (according to Hetty). Fans love this combination of strength and sweetness – it is unique to the show itself.

While these are not the plot points of Renee Felice Smith’s real life, they reflect her spirit. An emphasis on love and positivity goes beyond her character and Instagram feed. In March 2021, Smith and her partner Chris Gabriel released a children’s book. “Hugo and the Impossible Thing” is inspired by their French Bulldog Hugo and published by Penguin Random House. The couple also created and acted in their first feature film in 2017, The Relationtrip. This premiered at SXSW Festival in March 2017, marking Smith’s second experience premiering work at the event.

While fans are unsure of the “NCIS: Los Angeles” alum’s next move, they can expect it to be full of warmth and light.