‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Alum Renee Felice Smith Shares Majestic Sunset Views

by Hannah Heser

NCIS: Los Angeles alum, Renee Felice Smith, shares a sunset view with her Instagram followers. The photograph makes us want to go see it for ourselves.

It’s always relaxing to drive around with no destination. Whether you’re on the East coast, West coast, or in the Midwest, the sunset will be beautiful wherever you are. As a matter of fact, the sunset marks the end of a successful day. And, that is exactly what Renee Smith did when she shared this post. The hit series alum is sharing a majestic sunset view.

“Doesn’t translate,” she wrote in the caption a few hours ago.

The scenery seems so peaceful. It looks like she’s driving down a backroad with a front-row seat to the best sunset in town.

NCIS: Los Angeles fans are so inspired by this masterpiece.

“I admire you and Chris’ patience making that long drive, so many times,” one fan writes on her post. “Did it twice a long time ago. Short of having a spacious motor home, not sure I could do it again. Happy New Years folks.”

“Sunset with purple haze,” another fan adds to her comment section. She also uses a purple heart with two clapping emojis. Overall, there’s nothing better than taking in a perfect sunset.

Rumors About NCIS: Los Angeles Ending

As you all know, NCIS: Los Angeles has been airing for almost two decades now. And, a recent Instagram post has fans worried for the show’s future. What could’ve possibly happened?

Recently, the show’s main actor, Eric Christian Olsen hinted the show could come to an end. Or at least, his Instagram posts seem to suggest as much.

There isn’t a huge hint that the show is ending, but you will see a slight clue from one of the hashtags.

“We about to get back into it. #ncisla #whysoserious #Kensidown #thefinalseason #letsgo #newepisode #sunday #cbs #jk #butyouneverknow #macguyver #hawaii50 #ncisnola #celebratewhatwehave #embracethejourney.”

As you scroll through the comments, fans are not happy. They don’t want this season to be the final one. Hopefully, it’s just Eric being Eric, which means he’s just messing with us.

One fan included Betty White’s recent passing in his comment.

“Dude, #finalseason? You can’t be playing with my emotions like that when Betty White just died.”

As you can see, fans aren’t ready to give up NCIS: Los Angeles yet. And it seems like the cast isn’t quite ready either.