‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Alum Renee Felice Smith Shares ‘Nice’ Photo of Pet

by Chase Thomas

NCIS: Los Angeles is one of the more successful franchises in recent years. Yes, Outsiders, the spinoff has thrived on CBS. However, at one time, the show also starred Renee Felice Smith. The NCIS: Los Angeles alum left the program, but she is staying busy. Renee Felice Smith took to her personal Instagram page to share a ‘nice’ photo of her pet.

For her caption with her cut photo, Smith wrote, “what a nice guy. #alfietherescuemutt”

The pup’s name is Alfie and he is the cutest rescue pup.

Fans loved the post. One fan wrote, “oh my GOODNESS!!”

Another fan wrote, “He looks like he is about to speak…. so cute!”

‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Star Eric Christian Olsen

Eric Christian Olsen continues to thrive on the CBS program, though. He has, along with his acting, gotten into writing for the show. He told Carter Matt in 2019, “I know the reception to this episode has far exceeded any expectations that I had. If they were to say ‘yea, let’s give the kid another shot,’ I’d love to do that. It’s such a fun exercise and I know the mistakes I made the first time around and I have ideas on how to fix them. There are scenes that we lost in the episode that can be perfectly placed in another episode.”

He enjoys both parts of the creative process. He is open to more opportunities on that front for sure.

Olsen continued, “It was so life-affirming and work-affirming to have this exploration. I hope that people like you and viewers who follow the show and do deep-dives about characters and themes enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it with Babar.”

It was a big thing for him to pull that off and for such a big show. It meant a lot to him and the NCIS: Los Angeles community.

Working on NCIS: Los Angeles can be difficult. Folks may overlook how complicated and exhausting it can all be. It’s not just as simple as the finished product looks on television. So much more goes into it. Olsen concluded, “Our shows can be difficult — exposition and procedural logistics are not easy to act. So, what we gave her were these great character-driven acting scenes that we set up with incredible stakes based on choices she made in her past.” Olsen acknowledges that the show can be extremely difficult to work on and difficult to act on. When other folks come on, they want to keep that in mind and ensure it is a successful endeavor.

You can watch NCIS: Los Angeles on CBS.