‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Alum Renée Felice Smith Still Can’t Get Over Her Dog’s Halloween Costume

by Suzanne Halliburton

Renee Felice Smith, the popular NCIS: Los Angeles alum, loved her dog, Hugo, so much she wrote a book about him.

And as Halloween evolved into November and Thanksgiving planning, Smith remembered her sweet Hugo by throwing back to a happier day. That was three years ago when Hugo the French bulldog dressed as a sheriff. Smith posted a snap of the adorable dog and posted it to her Instagram account.

She captioned it: “three years ago today. my best friend. he always entertained my wild ideas. there will never be another.” Then she followed the caption with a string of telling hashtags. #hugothefrenchbulldog  #thesheriff  #brightmindbrightspirit  #hugoandtheimpossiblething.

Given that Smith’s character, Nell Jones, worked as an intelligence analyst for NCIS: Los Angeles, it seemed so appropriate her dog would dress as a member of law enforcement.

Here’s More on Hugo, the Beloved Best Friend of NCIS: Los Angeles Alum

Three-plus years ago, a veterinarian diagnosed Hugo with a brain tumor. He was given days to live, but the NCIS: Los Angeles star was able to start Hugo’s treatment the same week as his diagnosis. The Frenchie was Smith’s first dog as an adult pet lover. She told the Animal Cancer Foundation after his diagnosis:

“I call Hugo my fur baby,” she said. “He is very much my son and the center of my world.”

“We were very lucky,” Smith said after Hugo’s diagnosis. “We got Hugo in a radiation program right away. It was a long and difficult process and he had several bumps along the way. A couple of times we had to stop radiation because of inflammation…. It’s such a delicate balance; the radiation causes inflammation but you need the radiation to shrink the tumor.”

Hugo was 7.5 years when an oncologist vet diagnosed him. He lived for another three years. When Smith left NCIS: Los Angeles earlier this year at the end of season 12, she started doing publicity for her children’s book. It’s called Hugo and the Impossible Thing. Smith wrote the book with partner Chris Gabriel. Hugo’s issues in the book were getting through a forest. The radiation treatment bought Hugo another three years. So there were more Halloween memories and from her holidays for Smith and Hugo.

Smith’s canine family now has expanded to three dogs.

Season 13 of Smith’s Former Show Is Underway

NCIS: Los Angeles is carrying on without Smith’s Nell Jones. Sunday night’s episode — Sorry for Your Loss — actually involved a funeral. Agents went undercover to help work the funeral of a mobster’s murdered son. Turns out, his step mother, who flirted with Deeks (Eric Christian Olsen) throughout the episode, killed her step son for trying to cut out her part of the family out of the deal for the guns.

And in a continuing subplot, Callen (Chris O’Donnell) still is tracking Katya. He located her former girlfriend, a disbarred lawyer. The girlfriend, by the end of the episode, turned over a key to a safety deposit box.

This Sunday’s NCIS: Los Angeles episode is called Divided We Fall. Stick with Outsider for more details about the show.