‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Alum Renée Felice Smith Takes Time to Appreciate the Great Outdoors in Amazing Colorado Mountain Pic

by Kati Kuuseoks

Last night must’ve been a pretty epic night for “NCIS” fans. Season 19 of the original series premiered alongside the very first debut of its “NCIS: Hawai’i” sister spin-off. Though she moved on from the series herself, Renée Felice Smith remains one of the most beloved “NCIS: Los Angeles” members.

After spotting bigfoot the other day, it looks like the alum is taking some time to appreciate all that the Great Outdoors has to offer. Her latest Instagram post highlights the beauty that can come from none other than Colorado.

Renée Felice Smith: Photography Fool?

Though there’s no bigfoot in sight, Renée Felice Smith’s photo sure looks like a good spot for the notorious cryptid to call home. Set against a perfectly blue sky and picturesque clouds, we see a mountain lined with rows upon rows of trees. It makes you want to whip out your camper and head straight into the woods. The epic camping trip would obviously include a week of fishing, hiking, and maybe even a little campfire.

She captions the photo with the following: “colorado, you’re impossible to capture but fool i am, i’ll continue to try”

From the glare and shadows in the photo, it seems to have been taken from a car. Her most recent Instagram Story actually shows the car getting a good scrub in a car wash, followed by more of Colorado’s unique beauty. She says “THE BEAUTY CANNOT BE CAPTURED” in all-caps to really get her point across.

As someone that lives in Fort Collins, Colorado with a view of Horsetooth Reservoir’s hills, I can attest to the star’s comments.

Take a look at her stunning view and let us know what you think. Did Renée Felice Smith’s photography attempts capture Colorado’s essence?

All About the Colorful Centenniel State

While Renée Felice Smith continues on her adventures in Colorado, we thought we’d take some time to share a little about the state’s history.

The Colorado Encyclopedia drops a lot of knowledge about the Colorful Centennial State, starting with its name’s origin. The state joined the Union on August 1, 1876. This came exactly 100 years after the signing of the Declaration of Independence. “Centennial” stands for a quantity of 100 of something, so it’s not exactly hard to put two and two together there.

Now, onto the state’s motto. It comes from the Latin phrase “Nil Sine Numine.” An official translation points to “Nothing without Providence” but a lot of folks much prefer another version of the translation. This comes as “Nothing without God.”

Lastly, are there any guesses as to the state animal? Although bears and moose make for good contenders, that’s incorrect. The state actually adopted Bighorn Sheep as its official animal on May 1st, 1961. Here’s to hoping Renée Felice Smith captures a snap of one during her time there.