‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Alum Renee Felice Smith Thanks Fans for ‘Outpouring of Love’ on Her Birthday

by Clayton Edwards

Renee Felice Smith gained countless fans while on NCIS: Los Angeles. Her character, Penelope “Nell” Jones appeared on the series a handful of times in the first season. Then, in the second season, she became a member of the main cast. Smith portrayed the beloved character on the show for eleven seasons. Finally, last spring, it was time for her to move on to greener pastures. However, NCIS fans didn’t forget about Smith and all the memories she gave them as Nell.

Yesterday, January 16th, Renee Felice Smith turned thirty-seven years old. As she celebrated her birthday, fans let her know that she was still on their minds. According to a gratitude-filled Instagram post, Smith received countless “happy birthday” messages from fans around the world. This outpouring of love from her fans touched her heart.

Renee Felice Smith shared her message of gratitude along with an adorable photo. In that photo, she’s wearing a tan scarf and a wide-brimmed hat. Additionally, Smith is wearing a wide-eyed look of surprise. She explains her expression in the post’s caption. “Me shocked n stunned by the outpouring of love. Thanks [for] all your sweet notes and wishes today.  Means a whole lot,” she wrote.

Additionally, Renee Felice Smith added the hashtag “#BigBiggerBestBrim” in reference to the hat she’s sporting. She’s not wrong. We can’t see the crown of her hat, but it would be hard to say that the hat’s wide brim doesn’t suit her face.

Renee Felice Smith: Living Life to the Fullest

Renee Felice Smith made a name for herself as Nell on NCIS: Los Angeles. However, her career didn’t end when she left the show last year. Instead, the former NCIS star was able to focus more time on her writing. As a result, she and her partner Chris Gabriel co-penned Hugo and the Impossible Thing. The children’s book sees the couple’s dog Hugo conquering an “impossible thing.”

The book is actually based on their pooch’s battle with a life-threatening illness. Hugo fought through the illness in real life and his story is now an inspiration for kids.

However, Renee Felice Smith hasn’t just been working. In fact, she’s spent plenty of time traveling and spending time with her loved ones. On her Instagram, you can keep tabs on where Smith is going and what she’s up to. Additionally, you’ll see just how much she loves her furry family. Her Instagram features several photos of Smith’s small pack of pooches.

So, Renee Felice Smith may not help solve crimes every week anymore, but she’s definitely not bored. The NCIS alum is going into her 37th year with a long list of accomplished goals. More importantly, she has countless fans to cheer her on in her future endeavors.