‘NCIS: Los Angeles’: Caleb Castille Has LL Cool J Ready for ‘Bama Football and BBQ’

by Maggie Schneider

NCIS: Los Angeles star LL Cool J is an Alabama Football fan thanks to his costar Caleb Castille: “Let’s get it!”

Alabama Crimson Tide fans are excited to hear that LL Cool J is on their side. It is all thanks to his fellow NCIS: Los Angeles co-star Caleb Castille. The actor and former walk-on player for Alabama is publicly inviting LL Cool J to Tuscaloosa.

It all started on Twitter when a fan mentioned Castille: “It must be cool working with @llcoolj weekly. #Roll Tide,” the user tweeted.

In response, Castille writes “Gotta get @llcoolj down to Tuscaloosa next season for some Bama football BBQ !!”

A couple hours later, LL Cool J responds with enthusiasm. It is nice to see the two NCIS: Los Angeles stars making plans to hang out off-set.

Will we see the two friends watching football and eating gumbo together sometime soon? From looking at these tweets, I say that the odds are looking good.

The “NCIS: Los Angeles” Star On Acting

Caleb Castille plays Agent Devin Roundtree on NCIS: Los Angeles. Upgraded from a guest star to series regular in Season 12, the actor has come a long way. After playing football all his life, he decided that he needed to try something new.

“It wasn’t really the hardest decision because at that moment I was just desperate for a change in my life,” he says.

Before landing his first feature film role in Woodlawn, Castille did not have much acting experience. He began auditioning for commercials and smaller projects.

“Before this film came along, I had done some commercials and different things like that,” he begins. “So, I had some set experience, but nothing to that magnitude of a feature film. I guess given the fact that I had that small amount of experience plus great coaching from Andy Erwin, my director, and the cast that I had around me, they kind of just set me up to win.”

Castille says auditioning is still a weird process for him. He explains his thoughts in one of his latest tweets.

“Auditioning is a weird skill that’s built solely on an actor’s imagination I feel weird every time bc it’s nothing like being on set lol,” he writes.

While the process may be strange, the actor is obviously good at it! For instance, landing roles in 9-1-1, Tell Me a Story, and Wu-Tang: An American Saga shows that he is successful at what he does.

Now, Special Agent Devin Roundtree is the character he inhabits. The former FBI Agent becomes an NCIS Special Agent after his three episodes in Season 11. Now, he is considered a main character in the series.

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