‘NCIS: Los Angeles’: Will Character’s Death Impact Deeks and Kensi’s Plans for a Family?

by Suzanne Halliburton

A continuing storyline through these past few NCIS: Los Angeles episodes is whether beloved couple Kensi and Deeks will start a family.

But after Sunday’s episode, Deeks (Eric Christian Olsen) may not want kids. And it would be for purely unselfish reasons. That’s because he saw a real reason why a couple of NCIS agents may not want to raise children. What happens if one of them died?

In Divided We Fall, Laura Song, a CIA operative, dies early in the episode. We’re not sure what happened. An investigator with the Office of Naval Intelligence interviews all the agents, individually, about what unfolded.

Here’s what happened: Kilbride sent Sam and Callen to pick up Laura. He tells them her identity has been compromised. To most everyone, Laura is an art dealer. But she’s been an operative giving information on the Chinese Navy for decades. Sam and Callen take her to a secured building. She chats with them and pours herself a drink. She talked to Sam about her daughter, who doesn’t know how she makes her real living. Meanwhile, Laura told Callen about how she knows Kilbride and Hetty. Fatima (Medalion Rahimi) and Rountree (Caleb Castille) are in another room, maintaining the security system.

Laura tells Sam (LL Cool J) and Callen (Chris O’Donnell): “Every operative has an expiration date … Sometimes we don’t go easily. We chose this life, risks go with it.”

Kilbride (Gerald McRaney) sent Kensi (Daniela Ruah) to pick up Laura’s daughter, Lily, who is a college freshman. The two take her back to the NCIS: Los Angeles boathouse. Deeks called Sam, but as he was talking, power went out in the secure building and something jammed the cell phone signals.

Deeks Explained What Happened In His Portion of NCIS: Los Angeles Case

In a look back, Deeks told the investigator what happened. Lily tells Keni and Deeks about her parents. He father died when she was a kid, she didn’t want to lose her mother.

“Dad died when I was 11,” Lily said. “He was on a work trip and there was a car crash. I was just a kid but I could tell how upset my mom was. … Losing him, almost destroyed her.. … As soon as she got back to work after my dad died, she got better.”

This answer hit Deeks particularly hard. In the first episode of season 13, Kensi asked Hetty to be a reference if they wanted to adopt a child. Then, in Fukushu, it was revealed that the couple applied to adopt a child and checked the box that race didn’t matter. They very much want to expand their family.

But in an interview with the investigator, Deeks still was upset about the conversation he had with Lily, especially knowing that Laura died. Kensi found her body.

“Law enforcement officers getting killed in line of duty has crossed our minds once or twice,” Deeks told the investigator. “If Kensi died … I just can’t imagine being operational with an 11 year old. Yet that’s exactly what Laura Song chose to do.”

If you watched until the end of NCIS: Los Angeles, you know that Kilbride killed Laura. She was working for the Chinese. But he won’t tell the agents her true identity.