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‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Delivers a Classic ‘Takedown and a Pun’ in Latest Episode

by Lauren Boisvert
Photo: Ron Jaffe/CBS ©2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

The “NCIS: Los Angeles” Twitter posted a clip from the latest episode, “Sundown,” and it showcases the “‘NCIS: LA’ combo special,” as they put it. “NCIS” as a franchise is known for having a little more humor than your average procedural cop show. This clip definitely proves it.

In the video, Deeks and Callen confront a suspect named Lawrence Kerr, who subsequently runs away when approached. Deeks, around back, tries to stop him, letting out an exasperated “really, you’re gonna run?” when the guy veers away from him. Deeks grabs what looks like a heavy-duty electrical cord on the ground and snaps it like a whip at the guy as he tries to climb a fence. He falls, and Deeks shouts triumphantly, “Take that you yellow-bellied cur!”

Obviously, it’s a play on the guy’s name and the fact that he ran away from them. Not bad, Deeks, not bad. “I like that,” Callen tells him. “Yeah?” Deeks answers. “Points for the pun, I thought.”

It’s nice to see Deeks bringing a little humor back to “NCIS: Los Angeles” since the past few episodes have been so serious. The “NCIS” franchise does that well; it anticipates when its fans need comedy, and it delivers. Similar to the recent “NCIS” episode with McGee’s mother-in-law. Things haven’t been going well for fans of the flagship series, and so the show provided some much-needed humor. That’s one of the great things about “NCIS”; its willingness to have a good time despite being a show about federal agents.

‘NCIS: Los Angeles’: Deeks and Kensi’s Adoption Saga Continues

Since nearly the beginning of season 13, Deeks and Kensi have been going through the process of adopting a child. They’ve filled out all the paperwork, but there have been some ups and downs. First, Hetty declined to be a reference on their application; second, Deeks has been worried about having kids given their dangerous line of work; now, Kensi and Deeks are staking out the adoption agency.

In a clip from the new episode, “Sundown,” Kensi seems to be getting really into this adoption stuff. To the point where she’s got her binoculars out as they’re parked outside of the agency.

“What about that couple, right there, they look like trouble,” says Kensi, spying on a couple leaving the agency. Deeks answers, “Define trouble.”

“Are you kidding me, they’re textbook overachievers,” Kensi replies. “Look at those clothes, who are they trying to impress?”

Deeks reminds Kensi that they’re there for the same reason the other couples are there. “Today is just an informational session and it’s just another couple interested in adoption,” he says.

Kensi seems stressed about the entire process, worried that actually going into the agency and having an interview makes the process seem actually real. She’s worried the other couples or the agency will judge them.

We’ll most likely continue to follow this adoption saga as it unfolds, and see if Kensi and Deeks end the season with a new baby or not.