‘NCIS: Los Angeles’: Everything We Know About Upcoming Episode Directed by Daniela Ruah

by Suzanne Halliburton
CBS ©2021

Outsiders, Daniela Ruah’s second episode as a director for NCIS: Los Angeles finally has a date.

You’ll want to check out the episode called Lost Soldier Down. It’s scheduled for Jan. 2, so you can kick your feet up and watch NCIS: Los Angeles as you recover from the holidays and contemplate going back to work.

Here’s the synopsis, which CBS released Thursday: “NCIS investigates the apparent suicide of a Navy intelligence officer who leapt to his death after taking LSD. Also, while Kensi is away, Deeks makes plans to redo the backyard without her input.”

It’s been about a year since Ruah directed her first episode. That one was called Russia, Russia, Russia. The name of the episode was a clever mix of an old Brady Bunch line with some presidential campaign flavor. But the episode was Callen-centric. When Callen was interrogating a Russian asset, he was detained because our government thought he was working for the bad guys.

Callen (Chris O’Donnell) still is chasing after Russians in season 13. He’s tracking Katya and has another Russian asset spying on Hetty while Hetty is on a mission in Syria. Yes, it’s complicated.

From the CBS description, Ruah’s Kensi may be doing most of her work behind the camera rather than in front of it. Otherwise, Deeks (Eric Christian Olsen) wouldn’t be trying to redecorate the backyard without his wife’s input.

Ruah also is directing another NCIS: Los Angeles episode this season. But it’ll be in the spring. We’re on episode seven. Her other episode is No. 14. Earlier this week, Ruah shared a photo from her latest assignment on Instagram.

If You’re Counting, Ruah Now Has Three NCIS: Los Angeles Episodes as a Director and One Foreign-Language Movie

The NCIS: Los Angeles episode Lost Sailor Down was filmed back in September.

Over the summer, Ruah spent her off time from the show directing a movie in Torres Vedras, Portugal. It’s called Os Vivos, o Morto e o Peixe Frito. Translated, the movie title is The Living, the Dead and the Fried Fish. The filming started in late May, after NCIS: Los Angeles finished season 12. Traditionally, Ruah spends parts of her summer in Portugal. That’s where she grew up. But this time, she got to combine business with leisure. Her husband and two young children joined her there after three weeks.

Fans of NCIS: Los Angeles definitely are missing the series. The last new episode — Sundown — was the Sunday before Thanksgiving. As the episode ended, Kensi and Deeks decided to foster a child. The show won’t return again until Jan. 2. However, fans can catch LL Cool J (Sam Hanna) hosting the National Christmas Tree Lighting show this Sunday. LL Cool J helped light the tree with President Joe Biden, Thursday night.

CBS usually releases some photos to help preview an episode. Although the network listed the synopsis for Ruah’s episode, Thursday, CBS didn’t post any photos. Stick with Outsider for more details.