‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Fans Believe Eric Christian Olsen May Have Hinted at Show’s Cancelation

by Madison Miller

We’ve already seen one of the “NCIS” franchise shows get canceled, but is it possible another one is on the chopping block?

“NCIS: New Orleans” was a spin-off series that went on for seven seasons before cancelation due to dwindling ratings. Now, some fans of “NCIS: Los Angeles” think that one of the stars of the show, Eric Christian Olsen, may have hinted that his show could get canceled soon too.

Chance of ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Cancelation

The “NCIS” series has proven its strength time and time again. The original series still has massive viewership, which often spreads to the spin-offs. For example, the rookie show “NCIS: Hawai’i” has been decent so far.

On Instagram, Olsen celebrated the return of “NCIS: Los Angeles” after the winter hiatus. He shared a picture of himself as Marty Deeks, but it was the caption of the photo that sparked concern. He wrote, “We about to get back into it. #ncisla #whysoserious #Kensidown #thefinalseason #letsgo #newepisode #sunday #cbs.”

Did you catch that alarming hashtag? He said it was “the final season.” What exactly does that mean for the future of “NCIS: Los Angeles?” Not only that, but he said something about his wife on the show, Kensi, possibly being on the chopping block.

It’s possible that the show could end with season 13. To be fair, 13 seasons on cable is pretty impressive. Also, Eric Christian Olsen has been known to mess with his fans on occasion, so it’s tough to say if this is serious or not.

According to an interview with TVLine, showrunner R. Scott Gemmill spoke about the possibility of the show ending after this season. He wasn’t aware of cancelation happening, but he did say he would hope for enough time in advance to prepare a proper ending.

“We sort of always have that in the back of our mind [but] I will hope to get a heads-up if that is the case, just so that we can go out with an episode, or a bunch of episodes, that really tie up things and send our characters in to the future in a way that makes everyone happy. But we’ll just have to wait and see. If there is someone that knows, they’re not telling me,” he said.

The show hasn’t been doing too great in ratings. The ratings for the Season 13 opener were 0.6 and a total of 5.9 million viewers.

Arrest on Set of the Show

Before the break, “NCIS: Los Angeles” went through some drama while on set.

According to Deadline, Brandt Osborn was working as an extra on the show as a pedestrian. He was then arrested on the set for being involved with the deaths of model Christy Giles and her friend Hilda Marcela Cabrales-Arzola.

So far, police have arrested two other men, David Pearce and Michael Ansbach, for potentially being involved. The investigation regarding their deaths is still ongoing.