‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Fans Can’t Stand This ‘Stupid’ Part of the Show

by Lauren Boisvert

“NCIS” fans never hesitate to be vocal about things they don’t like; just look at the backlash from Mark Harmon leaving the show. It’s no different for “NCIS: Los Angeles” fans, either; they’ve taken to Reddit to discuss a couple of elements from their favorite show that they just can’t stand.

“What is up with all the slow-motion scenes and sound effects that they have added in the last two seasons?” the original poster wrote. “Is it me or does it really look stupid?”

For examples of the slow-motion and sound effects, another fan commented, “the fight scene where Sam & the new guy were fighting the two guys near the end in the warehouse. Where they started fighting and everything slowed down and they also added sound effects to the fight.” They wrote that the sound effects reminded them “of the old tv series Batman just without the words Pow Bang.”

Other fans commented on their distaste, writing that the effects seem “cartoonish” and “distracting.”

One fan also noticed that sometimes, “NCIS: Los Angeles” will speed the show up a bit as well. “I’ve noticed them speeding things up to 2x or 3x – almost like the show is running long and they’ve got to cut 5 or 10 seconds – distracting and probably someone new editing/directing. Don’t think they used this device in previous seasons,” they wrote.

“NCIS: Los Angeles” directors and editors, take note; maybe chill out with the editing effects for a bit, and just tell your stories.

When is ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Returning?

“NCIS: Los Angeles” went on a brief hiatus following the previous episode, “Divided We Fall.” The episode featured Laura Song, a former CIA operative, who Kilbride shot and killed. An investigation into the killing followed, but no one knows it was Kilbride who delivered the fatal shot.

After that emotional, high-stakes episode, it feels right for the show to take a short break. This lets fans comprehend what just happened and sit with their thoughts a bit. The new episode airs on Nov. 21 at 9 on CBS. It’s titled “Sundown,” which doesn’t really give us any clues.

The synopsis mentions Rountree going undercover on a bus filled with hostages as Sam negotiates with a possible bomber. This will surely be another high-stakes episode, as the team deals with that and also the fallout from the investigation.

It’s possible this new episode won’t be as emotionally charged as the last episode; in “Divided We Fall,” Deeks experienced an emotional moment when considering his and Kensi’s dangerous jobs. The couple is considering adopting a child; Laura Song died leaving a daughter behind, and Deeks is contemplating their decision to stay in the NCIS while having a child. Possibly he’ll continue that line of thought further into the season.